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5 Creative (and Delicious) Guacamole Serving Bowls

5 Creative (and Delicious) Guacamole Serving Bowls
March 28, 2023

You’ve got a good time planned out: the guest list, the drinks, and your famous guacamole recipe. And then you realize: Guacamole this good deserves an equally awesome (and equally delicious) presentation.


Why not spice up your next dinner party, game day, or cocktail hour with something just as creative as your guac? We’ve gotchu covered with these delicious DIY guacamole serving bowl solutions.


Pro tip: Before you assemble your guac, though, make sure you know how to choose perfectly ripe avocados (Give a gentle squeeze. No, really, it’s that easy.) or how to ripen not-quite-ready avocados using other fruit and a paper bag.


1. Guac-Stuffed Avocados

Aka, avocado-ception. Slice your avocado in half (if you’re new to this, we can show you the right way to do that here) and scoop out the yummy green stuff to make your guac. Now, you have two cute little empty avocado skins that normally go in the trash — but if you want to get creative and reduce waste, you can reuse them as small, single-serving guacamole dishes. Just spoon the prepared guac back into the skins and serve ‘em up. These babies are perfect for a buffet-style appetizer table where guests can pick up their own individual dip.


2. Stuffed Fruits and Veggies

Look in your fruit bowl or vegetable crisper: You’ll find lots of items just waiting to be turned into guac-bearing vessels. Pineapples can be halved longways to become beautiful Hawaiian bowls (like in this Holy Pineapple Guacamole recipe). Halved bell peppers can perform the same function. Just make sure you’ve chopped off the top, cleaned out the seeds, and wiped the outside before filling with guacamole.


If you’re serving a crowd, a head of cauliflower can have the center florets trimmed out (don’t throw them away — they can be used instead of chips!), with the resulting hollow becoming a generous-sized guacamole serving bowl.



Obviously, you know that avocado is the star of guacamole. But did you know that fresh avocados are essentially the only fruit with good fats? It’s true — the American Heart Association has even certified avocados as heart-healthy. Oh, goodness!


3. Corn Tortilla Guaco Shells

Taco bowls made from tortillas are the ultimate edible serving dish, and they pair naturally with guac. You can buy them or bake them yourself — as long as you have a muffin tin (which you’ll turn upside down before baking), you can make the bowls yourself in just a couple of minutes. Unlike the fruit- and veggie-based bowls, tortilla shells can become soggy if the guac sits in them for too long, so don’t add the guac until you’re serving it to guests.


4. Guac-tail Glasses

Guacamole is always the center of attention at parties, and cocktail hour is no different. Serve up your guacamole in a large margarita glass, individual cocktail glasses, or even a copper Moscow mule mug to keep the snack on theme with the drinks. And while you’re at it, you may as well make one of these cocktail-inspired guacs, featuring everything from a Dry Martini Guac to a Piña Colada Guacamole.


5. Baked Cheese Bowls

If you love cheese, there’s no guacamole serving bowl better than a baked cheese bowl. Our cheese of choice is parmesan, but you can also make this with Oaxacan string cheese, quesillo, or any other cheese that gets crispy when baked or fried.


You’ll need about 1/2 cup of cheese per bowl. Pile each serving onto its own individual piece of parchment paper and spread the cheese into a nice circle about 2 inches in diameter. (Make sure all the cheese overlaps, so you don’t have holes in your bowl!) Put them on a baking sheet and bake at 350°F for 5-10 minutes. Watch them carefully — once they melt and become slightly golden, you’ll need to immediately take them out. Once your cheese circles are out of the oven, carefully use the parchment paper to flip them onto the round bottoms of the underside of a muffin pan or heat-safe cups to shape each gooey cheese circle into a bowl shape. When it cools and hardens, ba-da-bing, ba-da-bowl! Load it up with guac.



Now that you have lots of creative ideas for serving your guac, how about a few creative tips on preserving it in case your guests arrive late or you simply want to save some for later? After you prepare your guacamole, pour a thin layer of milk over the top to keep it green until your guests arrive. When ready to serve, simply pour off the liquid. If you have some leftover guac after the party, you can add freshly squeezed lime juice to it, cover it, and put it in the fridge.


For more creative guacamole tips, explore our blog. And if you’re looking for the right recipe to serve in your fancy guacamole serving bowl, check out our guacamole recipe archive!



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