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Hi, I'm Jax, the Guacamole Expert. Welcome to your home for all-things guacamole. Here, you'll find your Guac 101. I've answered common questions by category, and made it easy to share with your friends. They'll be impressed with your new-found guac knowledge.



It’s okay to be shellfish sometimes, especially when it comes to your guacamole. Shrimp can easily be diced up and mixed into any guacamole, but they also make for a tasty dipping alternative to tortilla chips. Elevate your hors d’oeuvres at your next get-together with these eye-catching guacamole and shrimp bites, get creative with this coconut shrimp-mango guacamole, or pair your shrimp with crabs in our seafood guacamole recipe for a nautical delight.

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