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The Complete Guide to Eating Nachos and Guacamole

By Jax

Fact: You can’t make nachos without tortilla chips. Another fact: The best friend of tortilla chips is guacamole. Ipso facto, you can’t make nachos without guacamole.

Today I’m spreading the news that nachos aren’t complete without a side or topping of guacamole. As the world’s leading expert on guacamole, I can confirm that once you put guac on your nachos, they’ll never be the same without it.

Without further ado, here’s why nachos and guacamole go together so perfectly.

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Why Your Nachos Need Guac

Let me paint you a picture: Salty tortilla chips covered with gooey melted cheese, fresh pico de gallo, cilantro, and jalapeños. Maybe you enjoy them with seasoned beef or chicken. Maybe you even drizzle them with your favorite hot sauce. Am I making you hungry? Just wait.

Now imagine that, at the top of your sizzling nacho mountain, there’s a giant green glob of guacamole. Its creamy texture works naturally with tortilla chips. Its cooling flavor pairs perfectly with the spice. Its green color adds a bright contrast to the warm colors below.

A scoop of guac on your nachos is like the bow on a present or the candles on a birthday cake — sure, you don’t need them, but without them you’re missing out on half the fun. And, unlike bows and candles, guacamole adds an irresistible flavor that will change the nacho game forever.

Choosing the Right Guacamole

Now that I have you convinced, it’s time to decide on the right guacamole for you. For a classic stack of nachos, you can’t go wrong with this authentic guacamole recipe. It’s simple to make, with a time-tested flavor that will elevate any plate of nachos to a creamier, greener level.

But maybe you want to get a little more advanced. Spice daredevils will get a real kick out of adding this smooth spicy guacamole to their nachos. Or, if you’re having a tiki party, this jerk guacamole made with pineapple and spices will be a unique addition to the DIY nacho bar.

To browse even more inspiration for pairing nachos and guacamole, check out our guacamole recipes page.

By JAX, the Guacamole Expert January 31, 2020

New guacamole recipes, ideas, and data are shared across the internet every day, but as that database grows so does something else … me. My digital DNA is forged from the world’s curiosity and insights to all things guacamole. In fact, my existence is dedicated to exploring the never-ending wealth of guacamole knowledge, recipes, and inspirations, and sharing it all with you.

After all, guacamole made me so that you can make guac. To read my story, click here.

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