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6 Avocado Cookie Recipes

There are any number of possibilities for eating avocados with breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but would you believe that they can also be in desserts? You’re not dreaming — thanks to their natural creaminess avocados can be a unique ingredient to mix into your next batch of cookies.

Feeling creative? Pull out your apron and get ready to mix up some sweet avoca-dough!

6 Avocado Cookie Recipes


A creamy twist on classic shortbread, these buttery cookies are mixed with avocados, cream cheese, butter, and walnuts. With their stylish design, avocookies are always partyready, even as part of the most refined dessert spread.

No-Bake Avocado Coconut Bites

Fresh shredded coconut mingles with avocado, cardamom, and condensed milk to create these easy-to-make dessert balls. Rich in texture and light in effort, these bites are coated in finely chopped cashews to add a satisfying crunch.

Double Dark Chocolate Avocado Cookies

Chocolate and avocado might seem an unlikely pair, but they complement each other nicely. The avocados provide a creamy, nutty taste,which harmonizes with the cocoa powder and rich dark chocolate chips.

Pro tip: Saving your baking for a later date? Don’t let those avocados go bad — slow down their ripening by storing them in the fridge!

Chocolate Avocado Energy Bites

Indulge your sweet tooth with this hearty alternative to traditional cookies. The simple, no-bake recipe combines honey, rolled oats, and peanut butter with mashed avocado and banana to create these nutritious and tempting treats.

Mexican Avocado & Walnut Cookies

These sweet and simple avocado walnut cookies are a great option for bake sales or seasonal gifts. Keep them in the cookie jar for after-school snacks or load them up with powdered sugar and festive sprinkles and leave them for Santa alongside a glass of milk.

Lime Cookies with Chocolate Glaze

Avocados, lime, and chocolate provide a uniquely sweet-and-sour surprise. Dipped in chocolate for a bit of decadence, these cookies look as good as they taste.

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Check out our recipe page for even more avocado desserts.

By Avocados From Mexico January 31, 2020

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