We’ve partnered with PANTONE Color Institute® to
launch the Avocados From Mexico® brand color,
and created a one-of-a-kind avocado-inspired
collection that will give your home the ultimate glow.


With its distinctive yellow-green glow, the Avocados
From Mexico® brand’s color instantly brings to mind the
creamy avocado fruit native to Mexico. Symbolic of this
uniquely healthful and nutrient rich supergood
ingredient, the Avocados From Mexico® color gives rise
to an unmistakable energy you can feel and taste.

With its combination of a creamy yellow center, framed
by an earthy green, it tells a story of the delicious
flavor and the natural freshness, of a heart-healthy
ingredient represented by a brand whose goal is to
make everything better; one that invites you to join a
joyful celebration and to live life to its fullest with the
vibrancy inspired by the traditional spirit of Mexicanity.

The Avocados From Mexico® brand’s color highlights the
shades linked to the perfect ripeness level of a beloved
fruit, and the authenticity of the brand that represents it.

Comprised of a lively fertile green and pleasing buttery
yellow, a tonality of color from the natural world that
translates the freshness of the fruit and vibrancy of
the brand.

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Avocados From Mexico ® : the GLOW Collection

Can’t get enough Avocado Glow?

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