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Best Breakfast Ideas for Christmas Morning

By Chef Pati Jinich

Looking for some new breakfast recipe ideas for Christmas morning? I shared a flurry of tried-and-true favorites — along with some new ideas — during a recent Twitter party (#AvoChat #SeasonsEatings). Consider it an early present from me!

Before we dive into all the muy delicioso recipes below, let’s make sure you’re in good shape to have ripe Avocados From Mexico on hand. Here’s a helpful video on how to choose avocados based on how many days out you buy them. The further out that you buy them, the lighter green and harder you want the avocados to be. For immediate consumption, you’ll want darker avocados that give a little when you squeeze them.

But let’s say your avocados are still a little bit hard to the touch a few days before Christmas. You can speed up the ripening process by putting them in direct sunlight or inside a bag with rice. If they are ripening quicker than you’d like, you can slow them down by putting them in the fridge!

Christmas Breakfast Recipe Ideas

  • Breakfast Burritos. This easy Breakfast Burrito A La Mexico looks festive with red tomatoes and green avocados.
  • Egg sandwiches. My boys adore the Señor Breakfast Sandwich, with eggs and a creamy chipotle béchamel sauce. Another simple egg sandwich features mashed avocados, eggs, and bacon inside a brioche bun.
  • For a low-stress solution that you can put in the oven during gift exchange, look no further than the Baked Egg Casserole — a salsa ranchera blends with eggs, refried beans, and your choice of turkey or ham. Avocados cool down the spice of the charred tomatoes and peppers in my Eggs in Salsa Martajada. And for the really hungry crowd, fill a casserole dish with Big Brunch Enchiladas.
  • This traditional Mexican comfort food gets an upgrade with Avocados from Mexico. Green Chilaquiles start with tortilla strips piled high with fresh tomatillos, cheese, avos, and more — delicioso!
  • Avocado toast. So popular these days — and healthy! How about Christmas tree-shaped Avo Toast topped with pomegranate and mint? Or Avo Toast with Savory Seeds Crunch? And for me, I’ll have the citrus-tinged, sesame-flavored Avo Toast
  • Want something light before a big Christmas dinner? Start the day with this beet-red smoothie that I call Vampirito, which blends avocados with beets, pineapple, and orange juice!
  • Brunch fare. For a heartier mix, include Mexican Gravlax, an open-face sandwich with tequila-flavored salmon and avocado crema! Round out the plate with my version of Mexico’s Christmas Salad that features rows of avocado, jicama, beets, and oranges. A side dish of Oaxaca-Style Refried Beans is topped like a Christmas tree with toasted avocado leaves, fresh avocado, and queso fresco. [Look for avocado leaves in international markets or online.] Orange and Avocado Natilla, a sweet Christmas pudding, is the perfect way to end a brunch lineup.
  • Want sandwich options? Consider the Crazy Torta, with its sweet surprise of fried plantains, or the basic ham-and-cheese hero, topped with avocado!
  • No holiday morning’s complete without Mexican coffee, and for this occasion, this fun seasonal twist on eggnog made with coconut milk and avocado makes for a perfect Christmas breakfast.

For more holiday fun, visit Avocados From Mexico’s #SeasonsEatings page for more breakfast recipe ideas, to share pictures of you and your loved ones enjoying avocados this holiday season, and to enter to win a 7-day Princess Cruise in our #SeasonsEatings giveaway! Enter here!

By Avocados From Mexico December 18, 2017

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