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3 Avocado Pie Recipes

Easy As Pie – 3 Avocado Pie Recipes for Your Dessert Table

Filling your dessert table with confectionary creations sure to please partygoers can put any host on the hunt for new treat tricks. With a diverse array of flavorful filling options, pies provide the perfect platform for experimenting with new ingredients, tastes, and textures.

Rich and creamy, avocados integrate seamlessly into several classic pie recipes, helping to create new takes on dessert favorites. Try these three flavors of avocado pie the next time you plan to premiere a treat table built to impress.

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3 Avocado Pie Recipes

Lemon-Avocado Pie

Citrus combines with ripe and creamy avocado in this chilled confection. Condensed milk and a whipped-cream topping compliment the taste and texture of the tart filling, while premade pie crust provides the perfect soft surrounding.

Avocado Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie

Instant espresso creates a caffeinated kick in this chocolate-avocado pie’s filling that features hints of almond and coconut. Dates, bourbon, vanilla, and pecans blend in a tasty topping sure to impress any pie-loving partygoer.

Pumpkin-Avocado Pie

Replace the butter with avocado in this pumpkin butter recipe for a new take on a fall favorite. Add the avocado-pumpkin pie filling to premade pie pastry before baking for an hour at 350°F. Then, top each slice with whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon and nutmeg for a creamy avocado creation.

Whether your guests prefer citrus, chocolate, or seasonal pie-filling flavors, adding avocado provides a subtle twist sure to give guests a pleasant surprise.

Ripen your avocados quickly by placing them in a bag with a banana, then incorporate them into your chosen recipe. Slice and serve a single pie flavor or top your table with all three desserts for a full-fledged showcase of your avocado-pie prowess.

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By Avocados From Mexico January 22, 2020

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