Why Choose Avocados From Mexico?


Avocados represent Mexico’s authentic heritage in a way that almost nothing else from Mexico can. Through the avocado growing, packing, and distribution process, the avocado growers from Mexico stay true to their essence by integrating good foods into good times, and good fun with good people. Avocados and guacamole are deeply tied to Mexico’s heritage and provide a beautiful representation of Mexico’s fun, positive, and vibrant culture. From their humble beginnings as seedlings to their maturity as the plump, delicious, creamy fruits you know and love, Mexico’s avocados are made with love and the utmost attention to detail.

  • Always Fresh

    Whether it’s their fresh taste, their nearly infinite uses that provide you with fresh ideas, or the fact that they last for four to five days, avocados should always remain fresh in your mind.

  • Always Delicious

    Guacamole is muy delicioso, that’s no secret; but did you know that avocados also shine in sweet desserts and smoothies? And that they also make a wonderful addition to quinoa and other whole-grain dishes? You can’t go wrong — avocados are always delicious.

  • Always in Season

    There is never a time when you can’t pick up yummy Avocados From Mexico at your local grocery store. Why? Because Avocados From Mexico are always ready 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.


  • The emotion and energy used when you make guacamole.

  • How parties and special occasions come together so that family and friends can celebrate, cheer, and express joy.

  • The dedication and passion of the 12,650 growers.


If you made guacamole from all of the avocados sold for Big Game parties, you could fill the entire stadium 12 feet high.


  • 71,803 HECTARES

    of avocado orchards are certified to export Mexican avocados to
    the U.S.

  • 370,000 TONS

    of Avocados From Mexico are consumed globally

  • 37 PACKERS

    responsible for the global demand of 1,056,000 tons of Avocados From Mexico that are distributed globally

  • 20,300 GROWERS

    that supply the 1,056,000 tons of Avocados From Mexico that are consumed globally

  • 136.2 BILLION

    avocados were purchased in 2013

  • 365 DAYS

    per year Avocados From Mexico are available for consumption in the
    United States

  • 27%

    of avocado consumption is driven by holidays and special events

  • 54%

    of Americans consume avocados (97% of Hispanics) SOURCE: Hass Avocado Board Tracking Study Slides 8-9


    of avocados shipped from Mexico to the U.S. every year SOURCE: HAB

  • 1.4 BILLION

    pounds of guacamole is consumed by Americans every year

  • 15.4 POUNDS

    of avocados are consumed per capita every year in Mexico

  • 5.2 POUNDS

    of avocados are consumed per capita every year in the U.S.