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By Barbara Ruhs, MS, RDN

An avid avocado eater and guacamole lover, Barb is the Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist for Avocados From Mexico and former sports nutritionist for Harvard University. Her philosophy on food is simple: Enjoy what you eat, prepare food with love, and add avocados to everything!

Avocado cauliflower rice is having a well-deserved moment in the spotlight. It’s a filling and versatile dish that mixes well into salads and bowls while adding numerous vitamins and minerals to your meal. Whether you’re seeking a low-carb substitute for grains or simply want to fit more fruits and veggies on your plate, you’ve come to the right place. Avocado cauliflower rice is a winning combination any day of the week.

How to Make Avocado Cauliflower Rice

As a nutritionist, I can’t emphasize enough the importance of making healthy meals as easy to prepare as possible — because then you’re more likely to make them! Avocado cauliflower rice is a simple dish you can prepare with hardly any culinary experience.

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The easiest way is to purchase cauliflower rice in the frozen-vegetables section of your grocery store and follow this avocado cauliflower rice recipe. Alternatively, you can buy and chop the cauliflower head yourself and cook it over the stovetop — or even in the microwave. Ding! Dinner is served.

Health Benefits

Avocado and cauliflower contain less than 5g of carbohydrates per serving (as compared to >50g in 1 cup of cooked rice). Served together, this powerhouse couple offers an antioxidant punch — in every serving of cauliflower (1 cup) combined with 1/3 medium avocado, they’re an excellent source of Vitamin C (60% daily value or 52 milligrams) and Vitamin K (25% DV or 30 micrograms). The heart-healthy duo provides dietary fiber (18% DV or 5 grams); avocados provide the good fats; and cauliflower is a good source (15% daily value) of Vitamin K. A recent 2021 study published by the American Heart Association demonstrated the benefits of Vitamin K for reducing the risk for heart disease and preventing blood clots.

Most Americans could use more veggies in their diets, and avocado cauliflower rice is a delicious way to check that box. One serving of avocado and cauliflower combined offers 5 grams of fiber, which supports digestion and leaves you feeling full longer.

If you’re looking for an alternative to grain rice, cauliflower is a filling substitute with a hearty texture and numerous health benefits. While anyone can enjoy the health benefits of avocado cauliflower rice, it’s an especially big win for people managing diabetes  that are counting carbohydrates. And if that’s not enough, both avocado and cauliflower are excellent additions to a gluten-free menu.

Ways to Eat Avocado Cauliflower Rice

Talk about versatility! Avocado cauliflower rice is so rich and tasty on its own that you don’t need much to spruce it up. Try mixing it into a stir-fry or serving it along side grilled meat. It can stand in for starches, too, like in this recipe for avocado cauli-risotto.

But if you’re on the bowl trend (and who isn’t these days?!), avocado cauliflower rice is the perfect base. Try it in a taco bowl, an Asian-inspired bowl, or a classic “rice”-and-beans recipe — you can browse a bunch of our favorite bowl recipes here.

Here are some helpful hacks to help you store, cut, and prepare avocados like a pro as part of your healthy lifestyle. Happy (and healthy) cooking!

By Avocados From Mexico December 10, 2021

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