Keto-Friendly Dishes for Thanksgiving

By Jackie Veling

Nutritional eating around the holidays can be a challenge — especially on Thanksgiving, with so many sides stuffing our tables and stuffing our turkeys.

Thankfully, avocados are an option to your keto-following dreams. Here’s how you can keep your Thanksgiving keto-friendly with a touch of avocado goodness.

Starters and Sides

If you’re in charge of a starter or side, wow your friends with this tasty recipe.

The world of sides, where mashed potatoes and mac and cheese reign supreme, tends to be a little carb-heavy. This avocado cauliflower rice is a terrific alternative.

Other crowd favorites: deviled eggs and tiny turkey burger bites (who says you have to save your turkey for the main course?).

Before you begin preparing your keto-friendly dishes, check that your avocados are ripe with this quick informational video.

The Main Course

Let’s get to the meat of this meal. Main courses tend to revolve around a certain large bird, and thus are easy to adapt to a ketogenic plan or other low-carb regime. Add some extra good fats to your meal with this chicken-stuffed avocado with seasonal pumpkin sauce. Did you know, 50 g or one-third of a medium avocado contributes 6 g of good fats per serving?

You can even make your leftovers keto-friendly — cucumber boats are a great way to have your turkey sandwich and eat it, too.

Sweet Treats

Dessert can be the hardest time to let go of gluten, carbs, and sugar. But it gets a whole lot easier when you replace those bread- or flour-based desserts with delicious options like avocado cheesecake or dark chocolate avocado mousse.

Avocados From Mexico does not advocate for the keto diet, or any other diet, other than those recommended in the Dietary Guidelines. Always consult your physician before starting a new diet. For more information, click here.

By Avocados From Mexico November 17, 2018

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