Food Allergy Lowdown

Dealing with food allergies can be incredibly challenging. Dairy sensitivities (including lactose intolerance, as well as allergies to milk protein), egg allergies, gluten-free diets, and reactions to soy can make eating out, or enjoying many of your favorite snacks, feel difficult. Luckily, creamy Avocados From Mexico can sub many common allergy-triggering foods in recipes.

When using avocado to swap eggs or dairy, you want the green fruit to be perfectly ripe, soft, smooth, and easy to mash or blend. Our how-to page has the tips you need to have an avocado ready for every meal. Watch this video to choose a perfectly ripe avocado. All you need to do is look for dark skin that yields to gentle pressure. And if you happen to cut into a not-quite-ripe avocado, don’t throw it away! This video tells you exactly what to do to save it: a little bit of lemon juice and plastic wrap will keep it fresh in the fridge until it’s ready to eat.

Here are a few recipes that successfully use avocado to swap common allergenic foods.

1. Eggs in mayo:

You can make your own egg-free mayo by mixing two ripe avocados with a quarter cup of oil (avocado or olive), adding a teaspoon each of lemon juice and mustard, plus salt to taste. Blend and spread!

2. Butter in baking:

Avocado is a great substitute if you’re looking for a creamy swap for butter when baking cakes, muffins, and plenty of other baked goods. Try it out with these dark chocolate avocado brownies.

3. Cheese in sandwiches:

If you’re sensitive to dairy, avocados are a great way to add a satisfying creamy texture to a sandwich. And, as a bonus, one-third of a medium avocado (50 g) has just 1 gram of saturated fat; most of its fats are unsaturated (6 g), which are the “good fats” for you.

4. Sour cream or yogurt in dips and dressings:

Guacamole isn’t the only way to enjoy avocados in dip form. Simply mix your favorite herbs directly into whipped avocado and use a bit of oil, juice, or non-dairy milk to thin it out as needed.

5. Bread in an “egg in a hole” breakfast:

No, avocados don’t really “replace” bread in any kind of textural way, but they do make eggs more interesting for folks who can’t eat bread, or who don’t have any gluten-free slices around. Try this baked avo and eggs recipe.

6. Dairy in shakes and smoothies:

You may not think of avocado as a dessert food, but remember: it is a fruit! Replace dairy with avo and blend it up with mangoberries, or pineapple. Add juice or non-dairy milk for a thinner version, or freeze the fruit first for an even thicker, colder recipe.

By Avocados From Mexico August 15, 2017

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