Avocado Science Fair Projects

It’s science fair time! Whether you’re scrambling to figure out how to work with the ingredients in your kitchen, or you just want to avoid the clichéd baking-soda-and-vinegar volcano and its requisite papier-mâché mess, Avocados From Mexico has you covered.

Here are three unique science projects for kids aged five to nine.

Kindergarten and Up – Holy Guacamole!

Get your kids to do an experiment that will help you in the kitchen, too! With this project, you and your little one will learn why guacamole turns brown and how to stop it — or at least slow it down.

There is a common belief that the avocado pit has some kind of special attribute that helps prevent mashed avocado from browning. You can do an experiment to find out whether this is true! Research what causes browning and how it can be prevented, in just a few easy steps.

Have your little scientist compare a regular bowl of guac to one with a pit in it. Compare these to a second experiment using a light bulb in place of the pit, and a fourth exploring the effects of ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) on the discoloration process.

(And here’s a quick kitchen tip: If you want to make sure your guac stays green and fresh, just pour a thin layer of milk or water over the spread. Check out this and other how-to videos from Avocados From Mexico.

Grade One – The Avocado Tree and Me

Learn how a seed becomes a tree — or at least see the first few stages in action — with this experiment to germinate an avocado pit.

Under the right conditions, an avocado tree can make a lovely houseplant, and the germinating seeds can make an exciting science experiment. Just use a few toothpicks to suspend the pit, narrow end up, in a glass of water, and wait for the root to sprout. With a little time to mature, it can be potted and will slowly grow into a sturdy tree. And you can use it in the kitchen even if it never bears fruit: avocado leaf is a common herb used in making black beans, especially in bean tamales.

Grade Two – How to Get Avocados Perfectly Ripe

This experiment tests various avocado ripening methods to figure out which one works best and uncovers the chemical reaction behind fruit maturation.

Using a bag of rock-hard avocados, compare the length of time they take to ripen under different conditions: in the fridge, on the counter, in a paper bag, and in a bag with various other pieces of fruit, like a banana. Explore what it is about each set of conditions that impacts the ripening speed.

And if you want one more idea for ripening your avocados for meals, there are even more strategies! Watch our video about ripening with rice, or this one on using heat.

By Avocados From Mexico November 11, 2017

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