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Making Avocado-shaped Felt Ornaments

There’s little sense in keeping your love of avocados close to the chest. Instead, you can proudly display your love for avocados while getting into the holiday spirit by making some avocado-shaped felt ornaments for your tree. These adorable ornaments are great conversation starters and definitely add personality and style to your holiday decorations. Turn on some Christmas music and make some fast and easy snacks to keep hunger at bay while you get the family together to create these special DIY ornaments.

Snack attack!

Turn your crafting session into a party by serving Christmas-tree shaped avocado toastwith pomegranate arils as the decorations. Guacamole bites are another perfect snack to accompany this fun family activity. Avocados From Mexico are always in season and guacamole represents Christmas colors perfectly!

When you’re selecting avocados for your holiday recipes, it’s easy to know when they’re ready to eat. Just give each avocado a gentle squeeze. If it doesn’t yield to pressure, you can quicken up ripening by putting it in a paper bag with a banana for a day or two. You can also slow down ripening if you’re not ready to eat it just yet by keeping it in the refrigerator. These simple tips will ensure you always serve your avocados at their creamy, smooth best.

Now, get crafting!

Now, it’s time to get out your crafting kit. This should include needles and thread, stuffing, glue, ribbon, and felt. Be sure to have plenty of green and brown felt on hand. To make your ornaments, cut two avocado shapes, one in light green for the front, and one in dark green or black for the back. Cut a brown circle for the avocado pit. Stitch the pit onto the light green avocado felt and then stitch the avocado front to the back with dark green thread. Leave a small opening if you wish to add stuffing, add a ribbon loop for hanging, then stitch closed.

If you would like to put a face on your avocado, you can make stitches for the eyes and mouth, or the kids might like to glue on scraps of felt or other materials, such as googly eyes and yarn.

This craft is easy to adapt for children of different ages and abilities. For the smallest ones, you can cut the felt beforehand and instead of stitching, just let them glue the pieces together. Older kids can use a model to trace the shapes on the felt and cut them out. Sewing is a great way to work on those fine motor skills.

There’s no better way to get into the holiday spirit than by doing some crafts together as a family, and you’ll create a memory that you can savor every year when you hang your ornaments on your tree. If you have enough materials, make a few extra! These ornaments are great Christmas gifts for family and friends who love avocados!

By Avocados From Mexico December 08, 2017

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