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Hipster Dippers: Things Other Than Chips to Dip in Guacamole

Hipster Dippers: Things Other Than Chips to Dip in Guacamole
April 11, 2017

Tortilla chips will always be guacamole’s best friend, but guac is kind of like the most popular kid on the block. There are all kinds of other things to dip in guacamole, from veggies to fruits to homemade root chips.

Some of these dippers are underrated, but they’re just as delicious as mainstream options such as tortilla chips. Here are a few of our favorite hipster dippers.

WARNING! ⚠️ This Content May Cause Drooling.

Be careful — the recipes and tips you are about to read may cause uncontrollable cravings for guacamole. Before you read any further, make sure your avocados are ripe enough for mashing. If not, here’s how to speed up the ripening process:

1. Vegetables

These dippers satisfy the crunch factor that we all love next to a smooth and creamy guacamole, while offering a lower-calorie alternative to chips. Some good options:

  • Asparagus spears
  • Bell peppers
  • Baby carrots
  • Celery
  • Jicama

Whether you’re choosing your vegetables for their color palette or simply according to what’s most available at your local supermarket, you’ll want to look for veggies that are easily cut into dipper-sized pieces and delicious when served raw.

2. Fruits

One of our other favorite things to dip in guacamole is fruit. Salty, crunchy options seem to be a natural pair for savory avocado dips, but a good guac can also shine when offset with a crisp, sweet dipper. Instead of tortilla chips, try slices of:

  • Apple
  • Cantaloupe
  • Honeydew
  • Pear
  • Pineapple

If you’re facing a particularly spicy guacamole, dipping with a naturally sweet fruit such as apple or pineapple can be the perfect way to beat the heat.

3. Crackers and Pretzels

If you just can’t bring yourself to stray too far from good old-fashioned tortilla chips, try switching them up for crackers or pretzels. Just take a short walk down the cracker aisle at your local supermarket to see all the options — water biscuits, saltines, pita crackers, pretzel sticks, mein gon, and beyond. Check to be sure your guests don’t have any food allergies, and then pick an assortment of dipping crackers.

Start ‘Em Early

It’s good for children to get used to eating a healthy diet starting at an early age. It helps them consume sufficient nutrients to support their growing bodies while also developing good dietary habits that will last a lifetime. Give your little ones a head start with these easy guacamole recipes.

4. Shrimp

Elevate your guacamole game with a dipper that is sure to up the class at your next get-together. Cooked shrimp, the same kind you use to dip in cocktail sauce, also taste delicious when paired with your favorite guacamole. Some serving tips for shrimp:

  • Place shrimp in a dish of ice to keep them chilled without becoming soggy.
  • Serve with lemon slices on the side for a burst of flavor and a lovely touch of color.
  • Coconut-battered shrimp can add some new flavors to the palate.
  • For presentation points: Fill cocktail glasses with guacamole and line the rim with curly shrimp — ta-da! Shrimp guac-tail!

5. Root Veggie Chips

Can’t give up that noisy, crispy bite when you’re eating guacamole? There are several baked root vegetables you can rely on to give you that signature salty snap that are a great substitute for tortilla chips. You can get root veggie chips at most stores, or buy fresh roots (yucca, taro, and beets are great options) and make them yourself. Here’s how.


Place thin slices of yucca, taro, and/or beets on an oil-brushed baking sheet and bake at 400°F until crispy. Let them cool before serving and dipping.

Go 🍌s:

Though not a root vegetable, plantains can also be used to make an exciting alternative to the classic corn tortilla chip.

Keep It Green. Keep It Safe.

If you have leftover guac that you want to keep fresh, either for a midnight snack or next-day treat, all you need is some guacamole know-how. Here’s how to keep your guacamole from turning brown.

6. Breads

One of the other things to dip in guacamole is fresh-baked breads. Toasted corn tortillas are a classic option, but pitas, crostini, French bread, and breadsticks are all worthy to be dipped. Just remember that the toastier your bread slices are, the better they’ll dip.

Gotta Dip Out

Now it’s time to try some of these other things to dip in guacamole. Test out these groovy new dippers with a recipe that’s easy, fast, and fun to make. See all of our delicious guacamole recipes here.

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