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Nuts About Guac: 5 Nutty Guacamole Recipes

There’s nuttin’ better than creamy, rich guacamole recipes made with fresh avocados—except maybe when said guac is topped with freshly chopped nuts. Crunchy nuts can really compliment the smooth, sumptuous texture of mashed avocados and make for a great garnish to boot.

If you’re as nuts about guac as we are, check out these delicious, nutty guacamole recipes featuring five different nuts. Grab a few ripe avocados and chop to it!

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5 Nuts to Put in Your Guacamole

  1. Peanuts

    You’ll get a kick out of Botanero Guac — literally! This spicy-sweet guacamole recipe uses creamy, nutty avocados and crunchy, Japanese-style peanuts (also called crackernuts), which are coated in flour and deep-fried. Between the peanuts and toasted sesame seeds, this is a whole new level of chunky guac.

  2. Pecans

    This Pecan Guacamole is for anyone nuts about Southern grub. Mash your avocados into a butter-smooth bed of green goodness and top with slightly sweet, earthy pecans. Then crank up the heat with jalapeños!

  3. Pine Nuts

    If you’re pining for pine nut guacamole, look no further than this Pesto Caprese Guacamole. Pine nuts and avocados both have a buttery taste, combining to create twice the creamy goodness in each bite. And since avocados are characteristically cool and mild, guac is the perfect canvas to show off the pine nut’s delicate, woodsy flavor.

  4. Walnuts

    While it sounds fancy, this Ancho Plum Guacamole recipe isn’t a tough nut to crack. Walnuts infuse this guacamole with a pleasant, savory flavor, along with subtle, bitter undertones. The tart crunch of chopped plums really gives this recipe a zing that sings.

  5. Pistachios

    Two greens definitely make a right. Avocados and pistachios share nearly the same soft green hue, and together in one Pistachio Guacamole they’re unstoppably creamy, nutty, and downright delicious.

One Nutty Guac to Rule Them All

There is one nutty guacamole recipe guaranteed to be a favorite for anyone who has a squirrel as their spirit animal. It’s our Crazy Nut Salsa Macha Honey Guacamole, and it’s truly tempting for nut enthusiasts, containing pistachios, walnuts, and pine nuts all in one. An epic level of crunch!

In a nutshell, you can’t go wrong with these nutty guacamole recipes. Drop a handful of your favorite nuts into your next batch of guacamole. Toasted, roasted, or raw, any nut can give guacamole a delicious, crunchy twist.

Need more inspiration? Try adding nuts to any of these guacamole recipes.

By Avocados From Mexico June 12, 2020

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