Five Fruit Guacamole Recipes

A glance inside your fridge may uncover ample amounts of colorful, fresh fruit. A second look may reveal that the fruit is fully ripe and ready to eat — all at the same time. How will you use all of your fresh-fruit inventory before any goes to waste?

Able to highlight natural flavors, add a hit of complementary heat, or unite savory and sweet ingredients, guacamole provides a delicious and versatile option that pairs well with fresh fruit. It even uses a fruit — avocados — as a base.

Here are five fruit guacamole recipes to help you enjoy the ripefruit in your fridge.

5 Fruit Guacamole Recipes

  1. Strawberry Pico Guacamole

Fresh strawberries combine with jalapeño peppers in this sweet and spicy recipe. Onion, lime, and cilantro add more traditional guacamole flavors.

Featured fruit: strawberry, lime.

  1. Mango and Tajín Guacamole

Tajín and chamoy sauce season this guacamole starring diced mango. Save any leftover dip and serve it atop salads as a fruit-filled dressing or creamy topping.

Featured fruit: mango, lime.

  1. Peach Charred Chile Guacamole

Grilled peaches pair with caramelized onions in this fruit guacamole recipe. Fresh sage, thyme, and chives subtly season the mix.

Featured fruit: peach, lime.

  1. Ancho Plum Guacamole

Ancho chiles and jalapeños pack a heated punch in this unconventional plum guacamole. Walnuts, sesame seeds, and red onions add complimentary crunch.

Featured fruit: plum, lime.

  1. Fruit Guacamole with Sweet Potato Creme

This multipart recipe reaches deep into your fridge and spice cabinet to create a sweet fruit guacamole variation. Maple syrup, nutmeg, and cinnamon unite berry, kiwi, pomegranate, sweet potato, and cream flavors.

Featured fruit: Gooseberry, strawberry, kiwi, pomegranate, lemon.

Before cooking with the fruit inventory in your fridge, talk to your doctor about incorporating these fruit guacamole recipes into your diet. Once you get the go-ahead, mix, mash, and enjoy the fruits of your guacamole labor.

Visit our guacamole recipe page for more fruit guacamole recipes.

By Avocados From Mexico August 30, 2019

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