Travel-friendly Party Dishes

Make no mistake, holiday season is party season. Since most of us lead busy lives, hosts appreciate when guests arrive with treats in-hand. Need some ideas? Here are some tips to ensure you and your party dish arrive in style!

Dill’s the season

Dill is one of the most versatile herbs around. Potatoes, avocados, and salmon all love dill. This dish combines all of the above and looks good when you show up at the party. Simply halve and roast some fingerling potatoes. While the potatoes are in the oven, mash ripe avocado with dill, lemon zest and lemon juice. To make sure you get a creamy mash, make sure your avocados are ripe. You want to buy avocados with a dark green skin that yields slightly to pressure. Once your potatoes are done, let them cool before taking your ingredients to the party. Once there, layer some avo mash and top with a sliver of smoked salmon. Crown with some dill and presto! Insta-delish party dish!

Salad days

Salads are a popular, transportable choice for any potluck party. The festive season offers the perfect excuse to marry fresh greens with something a little more hearty – like sweet potatoes. Bake your sweet potatoes in advance and take along a bag of washed greens and an avocado or two. Once you arrive, lay down a base of salad, toss in some dried cranberries, diced sweet potato and avocado, then dress with a simple vinaigrette and serve. The easiest way to slice and pit an avocado is to cut lengthwise, then remove the pit and dice the flesh while it is still in the skin, as you can see here in a tutorial video.

You want fries with that?

If you have access to a kitchen (and your host doesn’t mind), whip up some tasty avocado fries a la minute! All you’ll need to bring with you are a few firm avocados and your choice of dip like this smoky chipotle yogurt. Then, borrow some flour, eggs, breadcrumbs, and bake away. Serve these hot and fresh!

Taco to go?

Bring your own taco bar to the party! Make your salsa and guacamole in advance, as well as some grilled, diced chicken breast. Store all the ingredients in individual portable containers. When it comes time to party, all you have to do is warm some tortillas and the diced chicken breast if you want it warm. Grab a tub of sour cream from your portable cooler and everyone gets to build their own tacos while you enjoy the fiesta!

Tasty taquitos

These diminutive bites offer crunch and delicious, customizable fillings. Grab a tortilla and fill the lower third with two tablespoons of your favorite filling – whether it’s shredded pork, pickled onions and cilantro or a vegetarian mix of zucchini, cheese and sweet potato. Roll up the tortillas and secure them with a toothpick before baking them to crispy perfection. Once cooled, these are easy to transport and serve at room temperature alongside your best guacamole. We guarantee there will be no leftovers to travel home with you!

By Avocados From Mexico December 08, 2017

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