Spooky Avocado Treats for Halloween

There’s no better time than Halloween to indulge your imagination and delight every ghoul and boy! We suggest you trick and treat your guests to some wickedly good, avo-based horror d’oeuvres and snacks. There’s a frightfully good Frankenguac on the menu, along with some eerie deviled eggs and sweet Halloween blondies, all sure to make any Halloween gathering spooktacular!

Boo-tiful Snacks

Guacamole is a party go-to, and it lends itself to some creative twists for Halloween. Frankenguac, anyone? We suggest you start with your favorite recipe or try our tequila-inspired version (for the adults, or make it without the alcohol for the little ones), and then it’s time to get creative. You can mound your dip in a bowl and then create a face using olives and roasted red pepper rounds along with a dollop of yogurt for eyes. Place your bowl on a platter and then fan out rows of blue and white tortillas above it for a “Bride of Frankenstein” effect. Or simply place a smattering of dark tortilla chips around the bowl for Frankenstein’s hair. Monsterrific!

Not serving your guacamole for a while? Take our advice on how to keep the dip gorgeously (and monstrously) green here. It’s literally as easy as pouring a layer of milk or water over the guac until you’re ready to serve (at which point you simply dump the liquid). So you might want to save the decorating until you’re ready to serve the dip to your hungry guests.

For the sheer goofy and tasty fun of it, you can also whip up a dozen deviled eggs, using the glorious goodness of avocados. You’ll want the ripest avos possible for this and just about every avo-based recipe on your roster, so don’t forget to check for readiness by seeing if it yields to gentle pressure. This video shows you exactly how.

Once your hard boiled eggs are stuffed with the yolk, mayo, lime juice, herbs, and avocado mixture, get out the craft paint brushes and red food dye to paint “bloodshot” eye veins around the egg whites. Top with a slice of black olive and presto! Creepy never tasted so good!

Fearsome Finishes

There’s no better way to end Halloween night than on a sweet but spooky note. We recommend these avo-based Halloween blondies that get dressed up for the occasion by using pretzel sticks, white chocolate, and icing. The addition of candy eyeballs completes the scar-faced blondie ensemble — a perfect way to wish your guests sweet dreams.

By Avocados From Mexico October 11, 2017

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