How the Avocado Became a Pop Culture Icon

Avocados are everywhere. In 2017, 1.73 billion Avocados From Mexico were exported from Mexico to the U.S. From guac bowls and avocado toast to clothes, tweets, and Instagram trends, this creamy fruit has truly become of symbol of an entire generation, a mascot for millennials. And you only have to look to pop culture to see proof of this avocado trend.

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest avocado moments lately.

Twitter Avocado Trend

All over Twitter, you can find people professing their love for the green fruit:

People love eating avocado so much, that there is nothing sadder than a hard, unripe avocado. It just means that much longer until you can actually enjoy it! As @Caitlin0Sanders said on Twitter, “I wish I could get a ripe avocado sent to my house everyday.” But good news: You can actually speed up the ripening process! Sunlight is a great way to quicken your avo’s ripening time (check out this video for tips!). You can also use dry rice to speed up ripening (more here).

Avocado Trend for Eating Healthier

The #eatclean movement is all over cookbook shelves, Twitter, and Instagram. And the darling of the movement by far as been avocados, leading people to find new ways to be creative with it. From pretty avocado roses like this:


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There are over 950,000 post with #avocadotoast on Instagram, so you could literally spend all day looking at photos.

To add to the avocado trends, Australian millionaire Tim Gurner said that millennials could afford to buy houses if they stop buying so much avocado toast. That comment alone brought forth even stronger loyalties to the avocado trend, as you can see in comments like:

And this:

Avocado Trends in Hollywood

In the movie “Hotel Transylvania 2,” the grandpa vampire is forced by his daughter to feed his baby grandson avocado. He jokes, “Apparently it’s good fat!” And who could forget that scene in the movie “Step Brothers” when the brothers had made their own bunk bed and Dale asked Brennan if he liked guacamole to try bonding?

But perhaps the biggest sign that avocado trend has morphed into a pop culture icon is celebrity endorsement.

Chrissy Teigen loves the green fruit so much, she got matching avo bathing suits for her and her daughter for her cookbook photo shoot.


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And then there’s actress and cookbook author Gwyneth Paltrow loves to incorporate avocados into her recipes.

What are your favorite signs that avocado trend has become a pop culture icon? Let us know on social media.

By Avocados From Mexico November 07, 2018

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