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Entertain with Avocados from Mexico

I love cooking with Avocados from Mexico! I use them in breakfast dishes like omelets, frittatas, and my kids’ favorite – avocado toast. I’ve used Avocados from Mexico in salads like Wasabi Avocado Coleslaw. I’ve also baked with them in recipes like Gluten Free Avocado Chocolate Chip Bread and in brownies, too. (Don’t you love the combination of chocolate and avocados? I do!) Heck, I’ve even used Avocados from Mexico in Avocado Coconut & Watermelon Ice Pops!

But did you know that Avocados from Mexico are Hass avocados, which is the most common type of avocado you’ll find in your supermarket? Hass avocados are grown in the fertile orchard land in the state of Michoacán, near the Pacific Coast. Hass Avocados from Mexico give the fruit a uniquely smooth and creamy taste. No wonder they’re so delicious!

Not only are Avocados from Mexico great tasting, but they’re very nutritious! They contain 3 grams monounsaturated fat and .5 grams of polyunsaturated fat, are cholesterol and sodium free, and filled with good stuff like 2 grams fiber, 150 milligrams potassium, and 2 percent iron. There’s no arguing that Avocados from Mexico are a nutrient dense food!

Entertain with Avocados from Mexico during the holidays!

This holiday season you can use Avocados from Mexico as your secret to nutritious holiday entertaining. What is so much fun about Avocados from Mexico is that their brilliant green color perfectly matches the spirit of the holiday season! And you can feel good about serving your guests and family something so wholesome and delicious. Check out some terrific entertaining recipes at here

Other ways you can use Avocados from Mexico at your next holiday feast:

  • Carefully peel the avocado, remove the avocado pit and fill it in with bay shrimp or tuna salad (like above)
  • Homemade tuna and avocado sushi rolls
  • Avocado and potato pancakes for Hanukkah
  • Guacamole sliders
  • Mini bagel, lox, cream cheese and avocado sandwiches (capers optional!)
  • Avocado and yogurt dips
  • Avocado and turkey wraps
  • Guacamole and salsa shooters – serve with tortilla chips on the side!
  • Mini avocado toast – cut them out in fun shapes cookie cutters
  • Ceviche and avocado shooters
  • Mexican style shrimp cocktail with big chunks of fresh Avocados from Mexico
  • Add avocado to deviled eggs and cut back on the mayo
  • Avocado smoothies (with or without your favorite spirits)

What’s your favorite way to use Avocados from Mexico when entertaining?

By Avocados From Mexico September 26, 2016

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