And the Crowd Goes Wild

Hosting a Super Bowl celebration? Cooking for a crowd can be tough to tackle. Use these pointers to get your game on.

Does It Double?

Large crowds call for lots of food, so plan to double — or even triple — recipes. But before investing time and money, double-check that doubling works. With some recipes, increasing ingredients leads to a fumble.

Freeze It First

Get ready for the gridiron early by cooking and freezing goodies one to two weeks before the big game. Cookies and cakes freeze especially well. Store treats in tightly sealed containers so they stay tasty. Use wax paper between layers of cookies to prevent them from sticking to one another.

Make a List, Check It Twice

Do you have enough plates, napkins, silverware, and cups? Garbage bags? Tissue? Drinks? Seats? What about ice chests and a plan for who will make the ice run?

And, don’t forget: You’ll need extra room in your fridge for the added inventory of edibles.

Buy It Days Beforehand

Grocery shopping the day before the party swallows up precious prep time, so consider what you can buy days ahead of time when planning your game-day grub. Avocados are a great choice because they often ripen long after they’re picked. Use your sense of touch to choose the right avocados for your timeline. Three to four days before the party, select avocados that don’t yield to gentle pressure and put them in a paper bag to ripen.

For a ready-to-eat avocado, grab one with some yield. A soft avocado makes a great candidate for guacamole. (Ramp up the revelry with Tequila Guacamole.)

Hail Mary Pass

If all else fails, spare yourself stress and serve classic sandwiches. Sandwiches score two bonus points: You can put them together ahead of time, and there is no need to worry about serving them hot. Here are two scrumptious options: Ham, Cheese, & Avocado Spread Sandwich Rolls and Buffalo Chicken & Avocado Sandwiches.

Follow these quick tips, and all you’ll hear from the crowd is cheers — and requests for seconds.

By Avocados From Mexico September 26, 2016

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