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Brides, Babies, and Avocados: Bridal and Baby Shower Ideas

Celebrate bridal and baby showers by promoting goodwill for years to come with an avocado theme! After all, they’re adorbs — plus, they’re symbols of health and prosperity. Avo-loving brides and moms-to-be, rejoice! Your dreams of an all-avo shower have come true, and Avocados From Mexico is here to inspire you.

Avocado Decorations, Invites, and Gifts

A quick internet search will yield many options for avocado-themed decorations from an avocado pinata to adorable avocado lights! Give them a photo op with avocado banners. And delight your guests with paper products to continue the theme.

Send invitations to your bridal or baby shower that show off your avo-loving theme, too! You can buy them pre-designed or create your own flair by hand-painting avocado designs on each one.

For the bride, shower her with avocado-prepping tools for the kitchen. And come bearing the right baby shower gifts, like an avo-dorable onesie for the new babe or avocado baby food – bought or homemade.

Avocado Refreshments

Keep guests satisfied with bridal and baby shower nibbles, too! For these recipes, you need perfectly ripe avocados. Too hard or too ripe, and they won’t be their tastiest. If you can only find hard, unripened avocados, check out this video for tips about ripening your avos in a few days’ time. If your avos are perfectly ripe and you don’t need them for a few days, watch this video for how to slow down ripening.

Impress guests with an avocado toast bar that offers a variety of breads and toppings. There are plenty of great combinations to try, like mango and jalapeño, fried egg and hot sauce, or pomegranate with goat cheese and honey. You can also serve guacamole and avocado deviled eggs, which are the perfect bite of protein for your party.

When it comes to drinks, non-alcoholic avo mocktails like a salty chile-rimmed avocado margarita are perfect for moms-to-be. More recipes here.

Make the most of your avocado-themed bridal or baby shower with the right avo-centric details and delicacies.

By Avocados From Mexico February 11, 2019

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