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The Best of National Guacamole Day 2016

From Jan. 1 (National Bloody Mary Day) to Dec. 31 (National Champagne Day), there’s a holiday for practically every drink, food, ingredient, and condiment you can imagine (and some you can’t, too. We’re looking at you, National Ambrosia Day.). 2016’s National Guacamole Day has come and gone, but don’t cry on your tortilla chips. Take a look at some previous guactastic bashes so you can start planning NOW for 2017’s big day!

1. Coordinate a guac-themed restaurant crawl.

Take a look at this year’s list of restaurants around the country that offered free guac for National Guacamole Day and start planning a guac-themed restaurant crawl with your pals. Make a map and plot your route; make copies of the map for your friends, or make a digital version to share via smartphone. And go ahead and put a reminder on your 2017 calendar: a few weeks before next year’s Guac Day, you’ll want to place a quick call to the restaurants on your map to make sure they’re still open and plan to celebrate. Don’t see any spots near you on the list? Call a few of your local Mexican restaurants and ask if they’re going to have a 2017 National Guacamole Day promotion!

2. Gather some friends for a gourmet guac tasting.

You’ve heard of wine flights and beer flights … so why not a guac flight? This year, the New York City restaurant Añejo offered a special for National Guac Day: Try three different guacamoles for $6. But you don’t have to get dressed up and go out for a night on the town to riff on the idea. With our unique guacamole recipes, you can make your own guac flight. Try our Indian-inspired Guacamole Masala, our Southwestern Guacamole or our Tequila Guacamole.

3. Take a spa day.

We would never tell you to call in sick to work if you’re not actually ill, so we’re glad to report that 2017’s National Guacamole Day falls on a Saturday. Go ahead and pencil in a spa day right now, opting for treatment at one of the spas that specializes in using the green fruit as an ingredient.

4. Break Records for guac-making!

It’s going to take A LOT of avocados to break the current record for guac-making. The current record holders — 450 students in the Mexican town of Tancítaro — used 2.5 TONS of them to make the world’s largest serving of guacamole in 2013.

No one’s taken their title away from them so far, but if you plan to try, you’d better start planning now! In addition to bulk quantities of ingredients, you’re going to need a lot of extra cooks in your kitchen to even come close to the Tancítaro crew, which, according to the organizer, required “110 (people) to chop tomatoes, 110 for chopping onions, 110 for pulping avocado, 40 to stir the guacamole, and 50 for the lemons.”

By Avocados From Mexico October 01, 2016

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