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An Avocado GIF for Every Occasion

An Avocado GIF for Every Occasion
May 28, 2021

GIFs are essential communication tools for commenting on our friends’ posts, pinging our coworkers, and confusing our parents. Because we are Avocados From Mexico and this is our blog, you can probably tell where this is going. Yep — avocado GIFs. All the best ones, pulled together in one place, like a recipe box for 5-second animations you can text your friends.


When words won’t do a text justice, don’t worry. There’s an avocado GIF (and a corresponding avocado recipe) for every situation.


1. For gym day.

When you’re working hard and looking good, it’s OK to let the world know. Pair this avocado GIF with a Chocolate-Avocado Protein Smoothie, a frosty post-workout drink full of banana, yogurt, almond milk, and plenty of avocado. With that to look forward to after leg day, we’d be smiling just like this little guy:


Avocado working out


2. For the expectant mother.

This GIF is perfect for announcing a new addition to the family tree. Who doesn’t love hearing they’re becoming grandparents over text?


Two large avocados talking


The best part of this GIF: Pregnancy means eating avocado for two! And one serving of avocado provides folate, an essential vitamin that is especially important for people considering pregnancy. Avocados are a good source of folate, which is an essential vitamin required to make DNA and other genetic material. Avocados are a great (and yummy) place to start!


3. For emphasis that avocados are always good.

You tell ’em, Andy. Use this avocado GIF if someone isn’t getting the point: YOU LOVE AVOCADOS.


Two large avocados talking


Further proof there’s nothing like an avocado: Avocados are essentially the only fruit with good fats. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends replacing bad fats with good fats as good fats offer benefits in the body without raising LDL (bad) cholesterol levels. You can’t argue with science. (Or this GIF.)


“Giff” or “Jiff”?

Ah yes, the age-old dispute. Is GIF pronounced “giff” with a hard G (like in “guacamole”)? Or “jiff” (as in “just made more guacamole”)? The inventor of the GIF said in 2013 that it’s pronounced the second way (“jiff”), but not everyone agrees with him. Personally, we like the first way better — imagine pronouncing it “juacamole.”

What’s your take? Let us know on Twitter.


4. For the guest who says they’re bringing guac.

That puts anyone in such a good mood, all they can do is bust a move. Just remind them of the golden rule of making guacamole for a crowd: You need half an avocado per guest!

Happy Avocado



5. For your other half.

This avocado GIF is the perfect way to send a little love to the person who completes you. Let them know life without them would be the pits. This GIF pairs nicely with a DIY date night, featuring three courses of romantic avocado recipes. Ooh la la.


Slicing Avocado


6. For a shopping list reminder.

Roommate picking up the groceries? Send them a reminder to pick up something gooooood.


Avocado yoga


If avocados still don’t make it into your shopping cart, they can still make it into your kitchen. Just order them online right from your phone. What an age we live in — moving pictures AND avocados on demand!


7. For the friend who needs some avo-education.

Send them this avocado GIF and a link to our guide to slicing and dicing avocados.


Man holding an avocado


Practice Makes Goooood

Speaking of animated things, have you tried out our How-To Simulator? It’s a virtual experience that shows you the best ways to select ripe avocados at the store, slice and dice them at home, store leftovers, and more. It’s the practice-makes-perfect hub you’ve been looking for.

8. For the busy days.

Take a deep breath and focus on your core. Go to your happy place. (No judgment if it’s a giant bowl of guac.) You can start by staring at this totally Zen avocado and breathing in and out slowly with him:


RELAX avocado


Then, pick any of these simple avocado recipes. They can be tossed together with only a few ingredients in a matter of minutes, so you don’t need to take any extra time out of your busy schedule to plan a meal. We told you avocados were totally Zen.


9. For when you’ve finally found the one.

Nothing says “love at first sight” like a flawless avocado. If it’s truly the perfect avocado, there’s no need for fanciness. Give it the classic treatment in a bowl of traditional guacamole or on top of these simple beef tacos. Of course, then you have to let everyone know your dinner plans with this GIF:


RELAX avocado


Gimme Dat GIF

Which of these avocado GIFs is your favorite? Personally, we think they’re all good, just like a bowl of fresh guac or a salad topped with sliced avocados. Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.


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