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An Avocado GIF for Every Occasion

As digital interaction and remote communication become increasingly common parts of our lives, GIFs have become more and more popular in our day-to-day conversations with co-workers, friends, and family. And just like Avocados From Mexico are always in season, these animated avocado images are timeless — when words won’t do it justice, there’s an avocado GIF for every situation. Happy chatting!

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  1. For gym day.

    When you’re working hard and looking good, it’s OK to let the world know. Pair this avocado GIF with one of our trendy avocado-print athletic outfits.Avocado working outSource:

  2. For the expectant mother.

    Perfect for announcing a new addition to the family tree. (Just maybe don’t tell your parents over text.) Now you can eat avocado for two!
    Two large avocados talkingSource:

  3. For the guest who says they’re bringing guac.

    That puts anyone in such a good mood, all they can do is bust a move.


  4. For your better half.

    Send a little love back to the one who completes you. Let them know life without them would be the pits.
    Happy AvocadoSource:

  5. For the friend who needs some avo-education.

    Send them this avocado GIF and a link to our guide to slicing and dicing avocados.
    Slicing AvocadoSource:

  6. For the busy days.

    Take a deep breath and focus on your core. Go to your happy place. (No judgment if it’s a giant bowl of guac.)
    Avocado yogaSource:

  7. For when you’ve finally found the one.

    Nothing says “love at first sight” like a flawless avocado.
    Man holding an avocadoSource:

Avocados are perfect for any situation. Add them to your grocery list and make one of our many avocado recipes a part of your next occasion.

By Avocados From Mexico May 28, 2021

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