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Avocado Finger Foods

There’s a whole world of mouth-watering, avocado-based finger foods you can serve at your next get-together. And here’s the best part: You’re not just limited to the perennially popular chips and guac. Really! Here are some of our favorite suggestions and avo-based tips to turn any get-together into a celebration!

Skewer It:

Skewers are the ultimate party finger food. And while you may hear “skewer” and think “meat and veg,” you can actually create fast, easy, and delicious fruit and cheese skewers with avocado as the main ingredient! Take your bamboo or metal skewers and thread a piece of juicy watermelon, a small chunk of feta or bocconcini (a small, mozzarella-like ball) cheese, a medium-sized cube of ripe avocado, and repeat until your skewer is complete. Lay the skewers on a serving platter, drizzle with a little extra virgin olive oil, some chopped, fresh mint, and a few flakes of sea salt, and voilà. These are refreshing, delicious, and ready to eat in mere minutes.

You’re going to want perfectly ripe avocados for these recipes, so here’s a good way to get there without much fuss. You likely know about the banana and paper bag avo-ripening tip already from Avocados From Mexico’s handy “how-to” avo tips page, right? Here’s another: bury your unripened avocado in a bowl of uncooked rice. Check every day for ripeness and you should be good to go in a day or two. Neat, huh!? And yes, you can reuse the rice afterward.

Plus, since Avocados From Mexico go with so many different dishes or just great by themselves, should you happen to cut one too many ripe avocados, simply store the remaining piece submerged in water in a resealable container in your refrigerator for up to three days and use it in your next meal or for a delicious morning or afternoon snack. It really is that easy!

Crazy for Crostini

People love to customize their food — party snacks included. Why not set up an easy crostini bar at your next get-together, with all the fixings ready to go? Brush some baguette rounds with olive oil, grill quickly on both sides, and then invite guests to top with chopped avocado and a basil, tomato, and olive bruschetta-style topper.

Or go with something sweeter like a chopped avocado, juicy diced pear, thyme, olive oil and pomegranate seeds. If you’d rather have something a bit meatier, offer a diced, grilled Italian sausage, cubed avocado, roasted red pepper, chile flake, and parsley crostini topper.

Need more ideas for crowd-pleasing party foods? We have dozens of recipes for appetizers and snacks right here, and you can download our guac guide on the Avocados From Mexico home page.

By Avocados From Mexico August 15, 2017

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