An Avocado Dating Profile


Aviana Cado


4 months

Body type:

Hard and bumpy on the outside, smooth and creamy inside


Have a guac-tastic day!

About Aviana

I’m just a fruit looking for her other half. I’m originally from Michoacán, Mexico, so you better believe I’m fun, I’m loud, and when I hear mariachi music, I let the beat control my body. I get along with everybody and am always the life of the party. I don’t usually seek attention, but during social events, people usually seek me out or gather around me for conversations.

I don’t discriminate when it comes to dating and am open to starting a relationship with any fruit, berry, vegetable, or meat. I’ve even dated a few sandwiches and burgers.

Full disclosure, my looks are a little rough, and my skin is far from the silky smooth variety that most deem “desirable,” but it’s what’s on the inside that counts. And, on the inside, I’m vibrant, soft, sweet, and will fill your heart with goodness and joy.

I’m currently a model for Avocados From Mexico, so if you’ve ever been to their website you’ve probably seen me.

Not everything’s been easy, though. I lost my parents last year to a pair of ground squirrels, before they were even ripe, and I still haven’t fully recovered.

I used to enjoy the outdoors when I was just a tike, but I’ve since become a bit of a homebody. I enjoy spending days lounging, nights partying, and I also dabble in cooking. I love to experiment with different ingredients, spices, and make some of the most surprisingly delicious desserts you’ve ever tasted.

I also enjoy gardening, creating DIY-inspired home spa products, sports (especially football), and I’m an environmentalist.

If you’re looking to broaden your horizon and cleanse your palate of all the past relationships that left a bad taste in your mouth, I’m ready to be your one true love.


Cooking, ripening, sports, creating DIY-inspired home spa products.


: Bad habits. People who judge a book by its cover.

On a typical Friday night:

I’m hosting a party at my place with plenty of yummy appetizers.

The most private thing I’m willing to admit:

I had a stem transplant shortly after I was born due to an accident with a dog and a Frisbee.

By Avocados From Mexico May 17, 2017

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