Avocaderia: The World’s First Avocado Bar is All-In on Avocados From Mexico

When one thinks of bars, it’s likely spirits, peanuts, dart boards, and pool tables are the first things to come to mind. What doesn’t immediately come to mind? That bumpy green fruit called avocados.

Well, there’s one establishment looking to change this perception and add a little flare to the notion of a smoke-drenched bar with sticky floors and greasy foods.

Nestled in the middle of Industry City, Brooklyn lives the trendy Avocaderia — the world’s first avocado bar.

Founded by Italian avocado evangelists Alberto Gramigni, Alessandro Biggi, and Francesco Brachetti, Avocaderia serves healthy, Instagram-friendly avocado-based dishes such as decadent avocado toasts, creamy smoothies and “avoburgers.” Name any dish, and they’ve got it with an avocado twist.

Essentially, if you’re an avomaniac, a visit to this bar should make its way to the top of your bucket list.

Avocaderia opened in April to massive success — running out of its supply of 200 avocados in three hours on opening day. While some might attribute this to hype or everyone’s new-found hunger for the delicious avocado, we also think it’s because of these avocados’ origin. The majority of the Hass avocados served at Avocaderia is organically grown in the birthplace of the creamy fruit: Mexico.

“The creamy and rich taste of Hass avocados is unbeatable,” Brachetti said. “It is one of the best quality of avocado available in the world.”

As for the popularity of this innovative avocado bar, Brachetti believes the restaurant is here to stay because the love affair with avocados will not fade anytime soon.

“I see avocados playing a major role in the American diet as it’s shifting its focus to healthier options,” Brachetti said. “Because avocados are both healthy and tasty, you can eat one avocado a day since it is rich in nutrient and healthy fats.”

A mere three months since opening their doors, the restaurant now goes through 650 pounds of avocados from Mexico per week and has plans to expand their restaurant into Manhattan. There’s no doubt that Brachetti sees the first Avocaderia bar in Brooklyn as a prelude to a nation-wide chain.

“If you can prove your concept here,” Brachetti told QSR Magazine. “You can do it anywhere.”

Feeling inspired but can’t make the trek to New York? It’s okay, Avocados from Mexico has got you covered with several recipe options. And to take full advantage of all these recipe ideas and more, you’ll definitely want to check out Avocados from Mexico’s helpful “how-to” avocado tips page where you’ll find several helpful videos, everything from how to ripen avocados quicker by burying them in rice for a couple of days to how best to preserve half of an avocado that you’d like to eat later by rubbing it with lemon juice, covering it with plastic wrap, and putting it in the fridge.”

By Avocados From Mexico July 26, 2017

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