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Avo-themed Fun for Your Labor Day Party

What better way to celebrate the end of summer than with an avocado-themed Labor Day party? It’s the perfect fruit to use as inspiration for a lakeside shindig including food, entertainment, decorations, and clothing.

For relaxing on water, just type “avocado float” into any search engine. You’ll quickly find large, inflatable avocados with a scoop out of the center for your body, guaranteed to float you into relaxation. Add to the festivities with avocado-centric clothing, be it shirts with avocado prints, or even just clothing the same shade of green as a beautifully ripe Avocado From Mexico. Avocado piñatas are another must and can easily be found at most party stores. Got kids you need to keep busy? Put out a bowl of pits from Avocados From Mexico, and let them carve their own decorations!

Did you know that Avocados From Mexico can even prepare your skin for an avocado party? This article tells you how to turn Avocados From Mexico into moisturizing cream, and avocado oil can be found in some sunscreens — an on-theme bonus for your party.

When it comes to Labor Day party foods, avocados can be made into savory and sweet dishes and drinks. First, you’ll want to learn how to pick a perfectly ripe avocado by selecting avocados that are dark green and give a little when squeezed, and how to slice and dice it properly. Once that’s under control, let your imagination go wild! Include a refreshing guacamole with tortilla chips and veggies for dipping – try this recipe with fresh mint. Avo is the perfect addition to a freshly grilled burger or hot dog, too. For refreshments, check out these avocado-based cocktails, including a delicious avocado margarita (chile lime salt rim, anyone?). And because everyone has a sweet tooth, consider including avocado in your desserts! Avocados go well in brownies, popsicles, and ice cream.

By Avocados From Mexico August 06, 2018

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