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6 Avocado Kitchen Tools You Wish You’d Found Sooner

Want to get every last bit of avo goodness out of the fruit and into your recipes? Here are some avocado kitchen tools to make your avocado dishes delicious and Instagram-worthy.

Ripe, Ripe Baby

So, you’ve scoured the nearest markets and all the available avocados are bright green and rock hard. Don’t fret – help is close at hand, thanks to this avocado kitchen tool: the avocado sock.

Simply place your unripened avocado into the natural lanolin and warmth of these woolly socks and you’ll have avocados that are dark-skinned and yield to slight pressure in as little as 24 hours – ready to be eaten… in even less time than using the paper bag trick.

Slice and Dice

Now that you have a perfectly ripe avocado, you want to make sure that you release its deliciously creamy contents in the best possible fashion. There’s a surprising number of avocado kitchen tools to help you do just that depending on your end goal.

  1. Snag every last morsel of avocado flesh with an avocado scoop like this one, whose rounded edge helps scoop up every bit of green goodness.
  2. If you’d like some consistent cubes, then an avocado cuber like this is the one for you. Simply remove the pit, insert this miniature lacrosse-stick into an avocado half and – voila!
  3. Looking for just one avocado kitchen tool? A nifty The 3-in-1 avocado slicer like this one, which not only splits the avocados but also has a tool for removing the pit and cutting it into tidy slices, is the Swiss Army knife you need.

Keep it Fresh

Nobody likes losing half an avocado to oxidization or spoilage. For the few of you who can fight the urge to eat a whole avocado, there are a few options out there for saving the other half.

  1. Give your avocado half some love with an avocado hugger like this to keep it fresh until the next snack time.
  2. Or prepare your avocado half for the road with something like this avocado Tupperware, whose hard exterior will stop just about anything coming between you and your avo-licious loaded lunch.

You can count on these avocado kitchen tools to make your avocado meal prep a breeze. (P.S. They make great gift options, too!)

By Avocados From Mexico November 28, 2018

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