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Avocado Chili Recipes

4 Avocado Chili Recipes

Chili has been a favorite comfort food for a long time, and it’s no wonder: It’s satisfying, easy to make, and allows for a wide variety of ingredients — like avocado. With its mild, nutty flavor and creamy composition, topping any bowl of chili with a healthy helping of avocado will put a unique twist to your beloved, hearty mixture.

Much like avocado, chili is adaptable to nearly any palate or preference. So when it’s a chilly winter night, your annual chili cook off, or just an excuse to use up leftover avocados, get creative in the kitchen with these four avocado chili recipes.

  • Amazing White Chili

    Seasonal lager, sweet onions, and poblano peppers are standout ingredients in this flavorful take on traditional chili. A generous helping of diced avocado adds smooth, velvety bites to the overall flavor profile — an unexpected delight alongside the dish’s thick, roux-like texture.

  • Beef Chili with Avocado

    A blend of cumin, garlic, and chili powder — and a hint of fresh garlic — prove why this recipe is traditionally superior. Add chilled avocado as a topping for a complimentary contrast. For a thicker, smoother consistency, try smashing the avocado before adding it to the chili.

  • New World Chili

    Hold the meat for this vegan variation of chili. Crumbled soy, salsa, pinto beans, and lima beans form a tasty base, but diced avocado is the true star in this recipe.

  • Mex-Tex Three Cheese & Avocado Chili Dip

    This traditional dish is how chili was meant to be served — piled high on top of a perfectly salted, crunchy tortilla chip. Serve this dip in individual coffee mugs or ramekins for a perfectly portioned appetizer or keep it in a casserole dish for a free-for-all delight. No matter how you serve it, don’t forget to top it off with freshly diced avocado.

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By Avocados From Mexico March 03, 2020

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