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Avocados and Good Fats

There was a time in the not-so-distant past when low-fat food items and diets were all the rage. Many people had begun to believe that fat was inherently and always bad, and that avoiding it when possible was beneficial to a holistically healthy lifestyle. But in the past few years, that myth has been effectively busted. The science community has flipped the script, with researchers, nutritionists, trainers and others now embracing the idea that not all fats are “bad” fats, and that some are, in fact, “good” fats that should play an important role in your daily diet. And that’s some great news – because good fats are found in some delicious foods that might already rank among your favorites. Like, for example, avocados.

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Avocados Nutrient Dense

Avocados! Our one-stop shop for
vitamins and nutrients. Yeah, they’re crazy
good for you.

Avocados Heart Healthy

Avocado toast continues to be THE BOMB,
because avocados manage to be
heart-healthy while also being
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