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Lemon being squeezed on half of an Avocado
Avocado being placed in a paper bag with a Banana

How to Freeze


Although freezing avocados is possible, we want to offer a fair warning before you try it: When thawed, your avocado will have lost much of that buttery, flavorful, and fresh taste that make Avocados From Mexico so delicious. That’s why we don’t recommend freezing them — flavor first!

The alternative? Try our tips for keeping guacamole from turning brown in the refrigerator for 1 - 2 days. You should also keep in mind that Avocados From Mexico are always in season — that means you can always count on fresh, delicious avocados, no matter how far ahead you’re planning.

We’ve tried it, but there’s no best way to freeze avocados. All it produces is grainy and dry paste that has lost its once-delicious flavor, color, and texture.

Common Questions About Freezing Avocados


  • When freezing whole, sliced, or cubed avocados:

    The water in avocados expands when frozen, so the fruit will lose its creamy texture and get mushy after thawing. No thank you!

  • When freezing mashed avocados:

    Mashed avocado, when defrosted, will be drier, grainier, and taste watered down. It’s no alternative to the rich, buttery flavor of fresh Avocados From Mexico.

  • When freezing guacamole:

    When thawed, your once-delicious guacamole will have lost its fresh, flavorful, and buttery taste — instead it will be grainy and dry. Good thing fresh, ripe Avocados From Mexico are always in season, so fresh guac is always a day-of option!

Is frozen avocado as good as fresh?

Because water expands when the avocado freezes, its texture will change. This means frozen and thawed avocados will not be as fresh, flavorful, or buttery as a fresh avocado. That’s why we do not recommend freezing avocados — good thing fresh, ripe Avocados From Mexico are always in season!

How long will avocados keep in the freezer?

Frozen avocados might last frozen for a month or two, but when you thaw them out they will lose most of the delicious flavor they have when they’re fresh. Instead, use our guide for saving half an avocado, or these tips for keeping guacamole from turning brown in the refrigerator. These tips will help your avocado stay good for 1-2 days. © 2023 All rights reserved.

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