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Hi, I'm Jax, the Guacamole Expert. Welcome to your home for all-things guacamole. Here, you'll find your Guac 101. I've answered common questions by category, and made it easy to share with your friends. They'll be impressed with your new-found guac knowledge.



Guacamole debuted sometime in the 14th century. In a stroke of genius, the indigenous Aztec people in southern Mexico discovered avocados tasted great when mashed up in a stone bowl and then slathered over tortillas. When the Spanish caught a whiff of that creamy concoction in the 16th century, they brought the good news back to Europe. Thus began guacamole’s adventures around the world, helping it reach global popularity everywhere it’s tasted. Humanity’s been a little greener ever since!

Here are some great guac recipes I think you'll like: © 2024 All rights reserved.

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