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Availability. Versatility. Profitability. The reasons to choose us are as abundant as our avocados.

Magic of Michoacán

There are few places in the world where avocados can be grown year-round. In the Mexican state of Michoacán, the volcanic soil, combined with the perfect mixture of sunlight and rainfall, allow the more than 30,000 avocado orchards to bloom 365 days a year.

Avo Journey

From tree to plate, Avocados From Mexico enjoy a quick trip no matter where they’re headed. Avocado pickers use a long pole to retrieve them from the branches and ensure that none are damaged from hitting the ground. Once picked, they are washed, brushed and undergo several rounds of quality control before being packed into crates and shipped to you.

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Year-round availability

The range of altitudes and the temperate weather of the Michoacán region make it an incredibly unique place. This climate is what makes it possible to grow avocados throughout the year, harvesting blooms at different altitudes at different times during the year.

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Orchard Seasons

There are four bloom cycles, each corresponding to the time of year that the avocados are harvested. The four seasons are:

  • Loca (full bloom)
  • Aventajada (advantaged)
  • Normal (normal)
  • Marzena (bloom from March)

These 4 blooms are what provide
year-round availability.

AFM Capabilities

Beyond the unbeatable taste of our avocados, our foodservice team is yet another reason to choose Avocados From Mexico. We are committed to helping you design a strategic, fully-integrated promotional program that is custom-built for your brand. Contact us for a personalized consultation today.


The avocado add-on
was found to provide
up to a $2 boost in
the sale price across
all restaurant

76% of customers
perceive fresh
avocados as
superior in quality,
flavor and texture
to processed

67% of guests believe
avocado add-ons
improve menu item
quality perceptions.