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There’s More Than One Way to Mash an Avocado!

No matter where you find yourself on May 5, whether it be at work, school, home, or on a plane or a train, penciling in some time for fun on Cinco de Mayo is an annual tradition that should not be neglected.

Cinco de Mayo is an ideal time to get together with friends, family, and colleagues to celebrate Mexican culture. No matter what type of gathering you’re planning, we have some recipe ideas to make a party fun and memorable.

At the Office

Celebrating at the office? You can never go wrong with guacamole and tortilla chips, but a layered Fiesta Taco Dip served with celery sticks and baby carrots along with the corn chips, is sure to impress your coworkers. You can also offer deviled eggs. Give them some Cinco de Mayo flair by switching Avocado for mayo. Garnish with bacon bits or diced red bell pepper so your eggs have the red, white, and green of the Mexican flag.

At School

If you need to send along a dish for a party at school, make both kids and the adults who care for them happy by preparing skewers with avocado, tiny mozzarella balls, and cherry tomatoes along with some balsamic sauce for dipping. Make sure your avocados are ripe: It’s not difficult! A light squeeze will let you know if you’ve found the perfect avocado for your recipe. Stick with the red, white, and green theme for dessert by preparing this quick and easy Cinco de Mayo Jell-o recipe.

At a Park

A gathering at a local park can be a fun way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Take along some make-ahead sandwich rolls, or serve some Pineapple Hotdog Wraps, pairing them with refried beans, avocado slices, and pico de gallo instead of the usual condiments. When it’s time to cut your avocado, don’t sweat it — and don’t squash it! Here’s how to slice and dice.

At a Friend’s Home

Heading to a friend’s or coworker’s home and want to bring a dish to share? This Avocado Caprese Salad will be a sure hit. Or, tell your hostess you’ll handle dessert, and serve up Lime Meringue with Avocado Mascarpone Cream. It takes a bit longer to prepare, but it’s well worth it. Don’t be surprised if you see the crowd swooning in delight.

At Your Home

If you decide to mark the occasion at home with your family, crispy beef tacos with guacamole are always crowd-pleasers, but if you have some picky eaters, set out ingredients and let everyone get involved in building their own tostadas.

Whatever type of Cinco de Mayo celebration you’re planning, Avocados from Mexico are a great addition. They’re delicious and nutritious, and nothing represents Mexico better!

By Avocados From Mexico April 17, 2017

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