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Are You Resolved? Tips for Being Successful in Keeping Your Resolutions

It happens the same way every year: Everyone makes a big deal about picking their New Year’s resolution, so you pick and announce yours, and perhaps it’s the most common resolution of all: adopting a healthier lifestyle. You start off strong. There’s that avocado, orange juice, and yogurt smoothie for breakfast followed by an early morning workout, avocado chicken Waldorf salad for lunch, and steamed fish with brown rice for dinner. There has never been another person more committed to their resolutions! By January 10th, though — it never fails — you’re back to sleeping in, skipping your workout and breakfast, and grabbing take-out for dinner.

Fear not! Falling off the resolution wagon happens to the best of people. But there ARE ways to stick to your new routine, and these resolution hacks will help you accomplish your goals year-round!

One and Done

It’s so easy to go overboard in the resolution-making department. Why just try to lose weight when you could also cook dinner from scratch every night and teach your child to speak Spanish? If you can fix one thing, why not fix them all? We’ll tell you why: Because too many goals means less focus. When choosing your resolutions, pick one realistic goal, break it into achievable steps, and attach those steps to a specific timeline so you can track your achievements. For once, doing less means setting yourself up for success.

Be Specific

Big, open-ended goals like “Get healthy” or “Lose weight” are difficult to accomplish. By setting a specific goal, like ensuring you’re eating the daily recommended intake of fruits and vegetables, it’s easier to figure out how to accomplish it. Then, you know to stock your house full of fruits and vegetables — like avocados from Mexico — that you can turn into a quick snack or meal like guacamole or avocado quesadillas.

In case you are going the avocado route, which we highly recommend you do, to ensure you have a ripe avocado for every day of the week, check out this video for picking the perfect avocado. And if you can’t find any ripe avocados, this video will help you ripen your avocados at home.

Get Support

The problem with setting a goal for yourself is that there is no one else to hold you accountable for accomplishing it. Who’s gonna tell if you skip working out for a week? It helps to find a close friend or family member to hold you responsible for achieving your goals. Whether it’s a friend who joins you for bike rides or a spouse who can support your nutritious eating habits, support is key to achieving your goals.

When You Mess Up, Keep Going

Another common trap of resolutions is letting your mistakes or slip-ups act as an excuse to quit. Just because you gave into that triple decker fudge cake at work doesn’t mean you failed. Resolutions aren’t about being perfect; they’re about working better habits into your lifestyle. So get up, dust yourself off, and try again.

Tweak As You Go

Sometimes, the calendar turns to April before you realize that the resolution you set for yourself isn’t quite working. That’s ok. Remember: Resolutions aren’t intended to turn your into a perfect person (psst: Those don’t exist!). Instead, they’re about helping you make lasting new habits. Don’t be scared to tweak or adjust your resolutions throughout the year to better fit your needs and situation.

By Avocados From Mexico January 31, 2017

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