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How to Plan a Trip to Mexico

Not sure where to go on summer vacation this year? Well, inspiration might come in an unlikely place: your local supermarket’s produce aisle! If you’re among the millions of Americans who love Hass avocados, you may have found yourself wondering where the delicious green fruit is grown.

The answer? South of the border. Avocados have been grown in Mexico for millennia! Get inspired by their roots and learn more about Mexican cuisine, which was designated by UNESCO with intangible World Heritage status in 2010. With a few new Mexico-inspired avo-centric recipes to try out this season, you don’t even have to leave home to feel like you’re on vacation! Bring South of the border cuisine straight to your kitchen with these impressive dishes that all feature avocados from Mexico.

Avocado, of course, plays a central role in many Mexican dishes. The bumpy green fruit is grown principally in the state of Michoacán, so it’s little wonder that avocados are star players in the region’s cuisine. This chilled avocado soup hits the spot on a hot summer day and it couldn’t be easier to make! Once you try it, you’ll want to have ripe avocados on hand all summer long.

Avocados are the ultimate garnish in Michoacán, their slices gracing the top of salad, rice, and mains, especially carnitas. Carnitas means “little meats” and describes diced pork that is slow-cooked until crisp yet tender. Carnitas can be served on tortillas or over rice, and then topped with avocado slices or diced avocado.

Apart from avocados, Michoacán is also famous for its ice creams and popsicles, and avocado isn’t left out of their mix! Bring the flavor of Michoacán to your own home with our recipe for coconut avocado popsicles and avocado pistachio ice cream. They’re both so delicious that your kids won’t even realize they’re eating a fruit powerhouse!

Inspired by these recipes and eager to try more avo-centric meals? Check out all of our recipes and get cooking!

By Avocados From Mexico April 28, 2017

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