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Avocado Art: How One Artist is Transforming His Daily Snack into Contemporary Masterpieces

If you’re like most people, you probably have childhood memories of your mom telling you, “Don’t play with your food.” But artist Boris Toledo Doorm either didn’t have a conventional mother or he didn’t get the message because he plays with his food… a lot.

The Chilean artist is always treating the dinner table like a canvas. While Toledo Doorm does use traditional tools and techniques, such as pencils and paintbrushes, to create his artworks, he also likes to use what he has at hand —literally — to make his creations. He’s used red wine to create this stunning Prince portrait, for example, and a potato to carve out an image of Pope Francis.

But what Toledo Doorm really loves to employ on his palette is everyone’s favorite green fruit: avocados. He takes the flesh of the avocados and makes true-to-life renderings of famous people and pop culture characters into avocado art. There’s Marilyn Monroe and Chuck Norris (complete with cowboy hat), Mona Lisa and YodaMaleficent and Grumpy Cat.

And what does he do once he’s finished an artwork? He eats it, of course! Toledo Doorm loves getting all the avocado benefits by scraping up his creations and spooning them onto toast for an instant avo-toast delight!

Become an Avocado Artist

If this sounds like fun to you, let Toledo Doorm’s avo-images inspire you to play with your own food to create more avocado art! You’ll want to make sure you pick a perfectly ripe avocado (remember: darker, bumpy skin that yields to gentle pressure = perfect ripeness). But if you bought one before its prime, don’t worry! There are so many tricks and tips for ripening avocados, including using heat to speed up ripening.

As for tools, you really only need a fork, knife, and a toothpick to produce the kinds of portraits that Toledo Doorm makes. And once you’ve finished your avocado art and had the chance to admire it, it’s time to eat!

Play With Your Food, Eat Your Artwork

Need some ideas for avocado toast with all the avocado benefits? Toledo Doorm just scrapes the avocado onto toasted bread, but you can take it a step further with avocado toast recipes from Avocados From Mexico. Go all out with pomegranate seeds, goat cheese, and pistachio, or seek full-on-flavor with this raspberry and blue cheese avocado toast recipe. Want to keep things simple? This avocado egg toast recipe is your Monday-Friday go-to.

So, play with your food and show us your avocado art creations on social media!

By Avocados From Mexico October 04, 2018

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