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AFM Launches New Fortune Avocados!

UPDATE: April fools! We dream of the day when fortune avocados replace plain-old cookies as the future-teller of choice, but this April Fools’ Day announcement hasn’t become a reality just yet. Besides, we love our pits as much as we love the delicious green fruit itself — without those life-giving seeds, there would be no avo trees!

There’s no luck involved in finding a perfectly ripe avocado — Avocados from Mexico are always fresh and always in season — but now there’s luck to be found inside your avocado.

That’s right, starting next month you can get your hands on the first ever Fortune Avocados from Avocados From Mexico. These little green oracles look, feel, and taste the same as regular Avocados From Mexico, but they hold a fortuitous little paper fortune inside.

Through the use of a groundbreaking horticultural technology, the team of scientists and growers with Avocados From Mexico developed a new genus of avocado tree that can grow an avocado without a pit inside. The first trees took about four years to produce fruit, but today new pitless avos are forming on the branches daily.

Not wanting to stop there, we used our proprietary insertion technique to place a fortune-cookie style fortune printed on edible wafer-paper inside the avocado without disturbing the integrity of the fruit.

You can find your fortune soon, as more than 150,000 pounds of Fortune Avocados are expected to hit produce aisles in May. Good luck and may your next avocado bring you good fortune!

Think you can predict the future? Share your best avocado fortunes with us on Facebook.


By Avocados From Mexico September 26, 2016

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