How to Make Baked Guacamole

Baked Guacamole Recipe

If you’re a habitual host, your guests may think they have seen the extent of your appetizer inventory. But your snack spread need not be predictable: Simple tweaks to classic dip dishes can create new takes on finger-food favorites.

Looking for a quick appetizer? Guacamole is easy and quick to prepare before guests arrive. It provides an adaptable appetizer classic to keep friends and family guessing. You can even throw it in the oven for a heated take on a conventionally cool-and-creamy crowd pleaser.

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How to Make Baked Guacamole

Ingredients Needed:

  • 2 avocados from Mexico
  • 1 T of lime juice
  • 1 T of minced onion
  • 1 t of Jalapeño
  • ¼ t of salt
  • ½ c of shredded cheddar cheese
  • Sour cream (optional)
  • Cilantro (optional)

Recipe Steps:

  1. Mash two avocados in an oven-safe dish and drizzle 1T of lime juice over the top.
  2. Mince 1T onion and 1t jalapeño and add to the avocado mash.
  3. Try incorporating 1T of any unconventional guacamole ingredients — such as fresh fruit, bacon, or chicken — to further vary your dip recipe (optional).
  4. Stir 1/4t of salt into the mixture and top with 1/2c of shredded cheddar cheese.
  5. Bake on low for 15-20 minutes — until the cheese is slightly brown and bubbly — then remove the dish and top with a few dollops of sour cream or salsa and a pinch of freshly chopped cilantro.
  6. Serve with tortilla chips or fresh veggies.

Chef’s Note: Be sure to place this dish over a pot holder before placing it alongside your other appetizer options.

The Heat Is On

Whether you are preparing for a family dinner or a party with friends, baked guacamole provides the perfect unexpected addition to any appetizer spread. Before you get your oven roaring, talk to your doctor about incorporating baked guacamole in your diet. Once you get his or her approval, fire up the oven!

Visit our guacamole recipes page for more ideas to help spice up your appetizer inventory.

By Avocados From Mexico September 10, 2019

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