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Adding Avocado to Your Meal Subscription Recipes

Do you love your meal subscription box because, well, what could be easier than receiving a box full of portioned ingredients, with instructions and photos that walk you through every step in the cooking process?

We get it! Meal subscription boxes may just be one of the greatest inventions of the past few years. They help busy moms take the guess-work out of meal planning, and let you serve up delicious and healthy meals that impress the family and — bonus! — are easy to make.

But if you’ve been subscribing to meal boxes for a while and feeling like adding your own special flourish to the pre-packaged menus so you can really dazzle your family at the dinner table, we’re here to help! Setting your boxed meal apart from the crowd can really be as simple as topping and garnishing your dinners with some go-to “extras” — like Avocados From Mexico.

Picking the Best Avocados

First things first, you’ll want to buy a few avocados that will see you through the whole week of meal subscription recipes. How do you know when an avocado is ripe? Texture, color, and give are the three variables. Learn more in this video.

But what if you have an unripe avocado and you need to speed up its ripening? There are lots of tricks to ripen an avo, including submerging it in rice. And there’s a trick for slowing down ripening, too.

Adding Avocado to Your Meal Subscription Recipes

Now, how can you incorporate the nutrient-dense avocado and its nearly 20 vitamins and minerals per one-third of a medium avocado (50 g) into the nightly line-up of meal subscription recipes?

Dice and add it to the top of a salad.

Slice it thinly and use it as a topping on a burger, tacos, stuffed baked potato, or any rice or grain bowl.

Chop or dice for a fantastic finisher for soups and stews, too.

A Sweet Addition

If your meal subscription recipes includes dessert, you don’t have to put avocado to the side. The great green fruit is simply amazing when it comes to adding texture and flavor to sweets. And if you’re up for the challenge of whipping up your own meal finisher, check out our recipe box full of treats here.

By Avocados From Mexico November 07, 2018

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