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Turkey and Avocado Sandwich Recipes

Whether it’s for you or for your kids, finding ways to add variety to daily brown-bag lunches can stretch your creativity — but you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Adding new toppings to classic sandwiches can offer an easy way to change up the flavor and texture of your family’s daily lunches.

Easy-to-spread avocados pair well with a variety of turkey-sandwich recipes, adding mild flavor and creamy texture. Try these five turkey-avocado sandwich recipes next time you’d like to mix up your midday meal.

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Here are 5 Turkey and Avocado Sandwich Recipes:

Avocado, Turkey, Cranberry, and Grilled Brie Sandwich

This sandwich combines tart cranberry sauce with mellow and creamy avocado in a turkey lunch reminiscent of a Thanksgiving meal. Brie cheese brings a buttery flavor and texture sure to make everyone in your family feel as though you’ve packed a treat.

Pepper and Turkey Sandwich

Three peppers and three cheeses combine in this turkey-avocado sandwich. Cayenne, jalapeño, and red bell pepper add heat, while cream cheese, Monterey Jack, and cheddar contribute a creamy texture that compliments sliced avocado.

Turkey, Tomato, and Dry Arugula Sandwich

Gouda cheese, sundried tomatoes, and arugula top ciabatta bread in this turkey-avocado sandwich featuring Mediterranean-food flavors. Mash your avocado for a savory spread or stack sliced avocado on top of the other ingredients for a tasty topping.

Avocado and Turkey on Cucumber Boats

Replace your favorite bread with cucumber slices in this green take on a turkey sandwich. Avocado, yogurt, and Dijon mustard combine in a savory spread, while Swiss cheese, tomato, and radish provide complimentary turkey toppings.

Hatch Green Chile and Turkey Grilled Cheese

Try this spicy take on a classic grilled cheese for an easy lunch you can reheat on the go. Hatch green chiles add heat balanced by smoked gouda slices, mozzarella, turkey, and avocado.

Turkey and Avocado Takeover

Whether you opt for a turkey sandwich with chiles, cranberry spread, or classic cheese, avocado is sure to offer the perfect creamy compliment. Store any avocado leftovers in an airtight container in the fridge so you can try more than one of these turkey-avocado sandwich recipes.

Once you master these five recipes, visit our avocado recipe page for more turkey-avocado sandwich ideas to help you and your family add variety to your meal plan and become the envy of any lunch table.

By Avocados From Mexico January 22, 2020

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