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The New Taste of Thanksgiving

By M. Elise Giller

The Pilgrims may not have done it, but nowhere is it written you can’t add a bit of avocado to a classic Thanksgiving meal. Mixed in with tender roast turkey, tart cranberry sauce, and hearty stuffing, these hearty, bright green fruits add unexpected flair to a Thanksgiving table. Here’s how to mix them in with classic dishes for new tastes and traditions.


The football game starts midday, sometimes while the turkey is still roasting. Keep everyone’s energy up with finger foods like avocado-stuffed mushrooms. Stuff mushroom caps with goat cheese; top with a mixture of pureed avocado, rosemary, and garlic; and bake at 400 degrees for just a few minutes.

Meanwhile, guests with a sweet tooth can get a preview of dessert with pumpkin-avocado bread. Avocado is the secret weapon to baking moist, addictive delicacies. Simply substitute half the amount of butter in your favorite pumpkin bread recipe with pureed avocado, and you’ll have a lighter, fluffier baked good that tastes even better than the original.


Update your sweet potatoes and surprise your taste buds by including avocado in your usual recipe. Roast sweet potatoes whole, then top them with goat cheese, roasted pecans, and sliced avocado. You won’t miss the marshmallow, we promise.

Balance out the rich dishes on the table with a lighter green salad. Mix baby spinach with toasted pecans and sweet dried cranberries. Dress it with avocado oil, balsamic vinegar, and Dijon mustard.


We didn’t forget dessert! Want to know the trick to creamy pumpkin pie? Avocados. Yep, replace ultraprocessed evaporated milk with almond milk and mashed avocado, and your favorite recipe will rise to new heights.

The Next Day

So many leftovers, so little time! For a classic take, try leftover turkey and cranberry sauce piled high with slices of avocado on your favorite bread. Or go new-school with a grilled cheese sandwich layered with leftover turkey and avocado. Use creamy, mild mozzarella to balance out the bold flavors.

There’s no limit to the fun and creativity you can have creating wholesome, crowd-pleasing twists on classic dishes. Have fun, and Happy Thanksgiving!





By Avocados From Mexico September 23, 2016

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