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Valentine’s Day Surprise: Avocados and Chocolate Make the Perfect Match

About The Author: Pati Jinich, TV host of Pati’s Mexican Table, cookbook author, and ambassador for Avocados from Mexico

On the day we celebrate love, I’m celebrating a new and surprising flavor combination: avocado and chocolate! Does that sound loco? Just hear me out, you guys! By themselves, each of these ingredients is luscious and delicious. Together, they’re absolutely exquisite in texture and taste!

Share them with your valentine on Feb. 14! Here’s why the combo works so well.

Meet the Food World’s Power Couple

  1. Chocolate has long been a Valentine’s Day treat of choice, but did you know the Aztecs once viewed avocados as an aphrodisiac? Together, the two form a passionate union! I have recipes that blend avocados and chocolate together in creamy, decadent, even sensual ways. Cupid may blush! Avocados can taste slightly sweet, while chocolate, a little bitter. And you know what they say: Opposites attract. That’s one reason avocados and chocolate are a perfect match.

Give a Delicious Gift

Candy hearts taste yummy, but a dessert with nutrient-dense avocados really shows your love! Desserts that incorporate avocados instead of — or alongside — butter or oils:

  • Include the avocado’s nearly 20 vitamins and minerals
  • Provide the good fats your body needs — avocados are the only fruits with both polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats.

You care about the ones you love, right? That includes their health — the best reason to surprise them with a delicious dessert!

Elevate the Everyday!

In the busyness of life, we can sometimes take for granted the ones we love most. Likewise, we sometimes forget how special foods like avocados are. In my house, they’re essential and beloved, so on Valentine’s Day, I’ll do something extra special with them.

Ready to try a choco-avocado recipe, too? I think you’ll find true love!

  • Lime Cookies With Chocolate Glaze have a nutty-tasting creaminess with a zing of citrus! These cookies, dipped halfway in melted chocolate once baked, don’t use butter. Instead, a combo of avocado and coconut oil gives a hint of tropical flavor. Make ahead and tuck them into lunch boxes or work satchels.
  • Choco-Cherry Avo Fudge Cake  is one of the fudgiest, most decadent chocolate cakes — thanks to a creamy avocado-butter combination. With their high water content, avocados make any brownie or cake batter super luscious. In this cake, plump bites of dried cherries (reconstituted with a good soak in water) make a delicious accent. I develop my recipes in my home kitchen, so all of my valentines — my husband and three sons — taste-tested and approved this cake! It’s also easy to make ahead and sure to delight the ones you love.

Remember, any dessert recipes calling for avocados require really ripe ones. If yours are too hard, just set them in the windowsill to let the sunlight soften them or pop them inside a paper bag with a banana to speed the ripening process. To see videos of these avo tips and more, please visit Avocados From Mexico’s “How To” page.

Whether it’s for the one you love, or you just love avocados, these desserts will fill your heart and your belly with something muy delicioso!

By Avocados From Mexico February 10, 2017

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