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There’s Nothing like an avocado

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You’ve found the perfect recipe, now it’s time to buy your favorite ingredient - Avocados From Mexico! Healthy, delicious, and available year-round, Avocados From Mexico are a must-have on your grocery list that makes everything better.

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why buy Avocados from mexico?

  • Creamy and delicious flavor! Try using them in a classic guacamole recipe.
  • Avocados provide good fat, are low in saturated fat and are sodium and cholesterol-free.
  • Avocados are heart-healthy and full of flavor.
  • Avocados can help you meet the diet recommendations of the American Heart Association.
  • Ripe avocados will have dark green to nearly black skin color, a bumpy texture and should yield to gentle pressure without leaving indentations.
  • Avocados From Mexico are available all year-round

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good fatsAND Avocados

You might shy away from the word ‘fat’ if you are aiming to eat a more healthy diet. However, the body does need some dietary fat to help with the absorption of nutrients and to provide and store energy. There is a difference between ‘bad’ fats – which are not good for you – and ‘good’ fats, which your body needs. Want to know how you can consume more of these good fats? Interested in eating a delicious fruit that contains these good fats – and nearly 20 vitamins and minerals as well? Then eat more avocados!

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Fresh avocados are a heart-healthy fruit. They provide naturally good fats and are cholesterol-, sugar-, and sodium-free.



The American Heart Association recommends replacing saturated with unsaturated fats for heart health. Avocados are low in saturated fat and provide 6 grams of unsaturated fat per serving.


good fats

Avocados provide good fat, are low in saturated fat and are sodium and cholesterol-free. Meaning avocados are heart-healthy and full of flavor.

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