Love is in the Avo with a Keto-Friendly Meal

By Kristy Alpert

There’s nothing sweet about turning your Valentine’s Day into a cheat day — with food, that is — especially if you and your sweetheart are following a ketogenic eating plan.

This holiday is a great time to celebrate healthy relationships and together time with some tasty, nutritional recipes that make hearts go pitter-patter. This Valentine’s Day, pull out all the stops and show your sweetie what love is all about with a fanciful and keto-friendly feast served ala avocado.

Keto-Friendly Appetizers to Share

Fan the flames of your keto-friendly love affair with a grilled avocado bruschetta. This tangy mixture of balsamic vinegar, tender tomatoes, and grilled avocado puts a lovely twist on the traditional appetizer. Top it off with fresh basil and a drizzle of olive oil. Yum.

Keto-Friendly Soup for Two

Simple is better when it comes to preparing a full course of keto-friendly fare, which is why this four-ingredient avocado chipotle soup is our go-to for an ingenious indulgence between courses. The trick is to hold off on adding the blended sour cream, chipotle, and avocado mixture until the chicken stock has been boiled and removed from the heat. Then it’s just a matter of smoothing the soup out with an immersion blender, dishing it out, and garnishing with parsley or cilantro.

The Keto-Friendly Main Squeeze

Substitute the honey in this recipe for grilled salmon with avocado and tomato vinaigrette with Yacón syrup to make it the star of your keto-friendly offerings. After some heavy sighs and hand-holding, you can switch to a sweeter note.

Happily Ever After — Keto-Style

This recipe for chocolate avocado mousse is decadent and rich even with a substitution of stevia for confectioners sugar, and these dark chocolate avocado truffles require no substitutions and are undoubtedly smooch-worthy.

To show that love is in the air, try shaping components of each dish into hearts, and add a sense of elegance to the event by savoring each stage and bringing out courses one at a time.

By Avocados From Mexico February 01, 2019

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