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Beat the Summer Heat with Cool Avocado Snacks

We know that when the mercury rises, the idea of a hot meal isn’t as comforting as it sounds in the winter. Instead, harness the cooling powers of Avocados From Mexico to deal with the dog days of summer. Chill out with these refreshing snack ideas that’ll keep you full and happy all summer long.

Freeze the Fruit

You’ve heard of freezing ripe bananas and using them later for everything from vegan ice cream to banana bread, right? Well, here’s a “How’d I miss that? ” trick: You can do the same thing with frozen chunks of the glorious green fruit. Simply peel and pit a ripe avocado or two, seal them in an air-tight freezer bag, and freeze until you’re ready to use them.

Craving a freshly made, ice-cold smoothie? Or how about your own vegan ice cream, avo fruit ice pops, or a green goddess dressing? Check, check, and check! You can even blend frozen avo chunks with agave, vanilla, and cocoa powder for a dreamy, creamy vegan “sauce” to top off a fruit salad.

Puree It

Whether you like your avocado puree chunky or smooth, it’s the piece de resistance for any sub, wrap, roll-up, baguette, banh mi, crepe, or garden variety sandwich. We’re talking about this basil pesto guacamole for example, that would be a beautiful addition to any roasted turkey, cucumber slices, tomato wedges and romaine lettuce sandwich.

Or keep it simple and puree ripe avocado with sea salt, chile pepper flakes, and lemon juice for a pleasing go-to for your favorite sandwich. It’s also perfect for a cool alternative to a chip dip.

If you’d like some other suggestions on how to eat a perfectly ripe avocado, we’ve got those, too. Check out our video on the many ways you can eat avocados including on salads, in sandwiches or even just by themselves. And trust us on the raw with just a hit of S&P! Lastly, do you know how to choose a ripe avocado? There’s a simple test in which you give an avocado a gentle squeeze. If it gives a little, you’re ready to go. You can see the test demonstrated and learn more about it in this quick video.

Guac Your Way

And of course, if you’re a purist and you just want a bowl of chilled guacamole with crisp tortilla chips or a platter of fresh, crunchy veggie spears, there’s a guac just for you. Some of our favorites include the seafood flecked Ceviche Guacamole and the summer-fresh Peach Charred Chile Guacamole.

Leftover guacamole? It rarely happens, we know, but just in case – here’s how to keep it fresh until the next craving hits: cover with a thin layer of water and milk and refrigerate. When you’re ready to snack, just tip out the liquid and you’re good to go!

By Avocados From Mexico August 06, 2018

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