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Sometimes life happens when you're making plans to enjoy it. So Avocados From Mexico came up with some ways to make the most of Cinco de Mayo, no matter where Cinco takes you.

Have a Great Cinco de Mayo Celebration Even Though You Just Made the Ultimate Mistake: Walking Directly Between a Mother Bear and Her Cubs

You’re walking to a friend’s Cinco de Mayo celebration and decide to take a shortcut through the woods. It’s a lovely day, and you stroll along the path humming, enjoying the crisp scent of pine needles underfoot and the sound of birds singing. What could go wrong?, you think to yourself.

You reach a small clearing and notice two bear cubs frolicking among wildflowers. Adorable! You stop for a moment to watch them, crouching down to beckon them toward you. But then, you hear a rumbling growl from behind you.

Breathless from fear, you realize your mistake. You turn and see her no more than 10 feet away: the angry mother bear.

Here’s how to make it out alive so you can get to your Cinco de Mayo celebration:

  • Though your urge is to run, you must keep still and explain the situation: “Hey, friend…I’m just on my way to a Cinco de Mayo celebration. I’ll be on my way…” Take a slow step backward.
  • The cubs may still approach you; after all, you have that nature-kid charm, plus a bag full of Avocados From Mexico guac. If so, remain calm. No sudden movements.
  • If one of the cubs swats the bag you’re holding, drop it and take another slow step back. The baby bears will be curious about what’s in the bag, as it contains some nachos and your favorite party-pleaser, Elotes Guacamole.
  • Try to catch a glance at the mother bear. She is watching her cubs, who have managed to open the bag of chips. One of them is happily munching while the other fumbles with the tub of guacamole.
  • Reach down slowly, open the container, and present it to the cubs as a peace offering. The bear cubs will be thrilled with the chips and guac, and now, mama bear will likely want some too.
  • When the mother bear’s enormous shadow engulfs you as she approaches, try not to scream. It’s always embarrassing when you do that.
  • As the mama bear towers above you, offer her a chip dipped in guac. Keep speaking softly: “The secret to really tasty guacamole is nice, ripe avocados. If they’re ripe before you need them, you can slow down ripening by popping them in the refrigerator. Which, I mean, you probably don’t have one, but you can borrow mine, you know, as long as I’m alive and stuff.”

She sniffs, samples, and smiles an enormous bear smile. She loves it! You knew your guac recipe had a transcendent kind of goodness. The bears roar in celebration, and although your bear-speak skills are only novice, you roughly translate it to, “Where there’s guac made with Avocados From Mexico, there’s Cinco de Mayo!”

You all plop down on your hind legs to enjoy your delicious Avocados From Mexico snack. This will definitely be a Cinco de Mayo party to remember!

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By Avocados From Mexico April 23, 2019

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