Sometimes life happens when you're making plans to enjoy it. So Avocados From Mexico came up with some ways to make the most of Cinco de Mayo, no matter where Cinco takes you.

How to Prep for a Perilous Arctic Avocado-Retrieval Mission to Save Your Cinco de Mayo Celebration

You were living the dream when you got the internship studying macaroni penguins on Antarctica. You’d studied tirelessly and were prepared to impress your colleagues with your vast knowledge of the species, hopefully landing you a full-time spot on the team by the end of the summer.

During your first week, you had even more to celebrate: It was Cinco de Mayo week. If there’s anything that you’re just as passionate about as those spiky-browed little birds, it’s Cinco de Mayo, so you know good and well that there’s no Cinco de Mayo celebration without guac made with Avocados From Mexico.

You would have come prepared, bringing enough fresh Avocados From Mexico for the whole team to enjoy — hey, you’ve got to get the brownie points where you can — but then the big blizzard hit, leaving you separated from your precious avocados. They were at Research Base A, and you were miles away at Base D.

Though perilous, you knew what had to be done. Here’s how to survive your avocado rescue mission to save your Cinco de Mayo celebration.

  • Bring a GPS. In close proximity to the South Pole, a traditional compass will not function, and if you get lost in this vast wasteland, you’re through.
  • Bring a Steak Offering in case Icegoat isn’t a myth.
  • Layer Up. Put on clothes, then repeat. Repeat again. The less human-like your shape becomes, the better. Speaking of layers, you bet the team will go wild for your signature Fiesta Guacamole.

When you finally make it back to Base A, you realize you weren’t the only one seeking shelter for your Cinco de Mayo celebration — the camp has been taken over by macaroni penguins! They coo as you enter, and you decide it’s time for a party pit stop. After all, you’re as frozen as an avocado popsicle…not that that’s enough to stop you from high-fiving one of your new friends and chipping a piece of ice from your sleeve to dig into your snowy stash of guac.

The story doesn’t stop here. Check out this video to see where the rest of your Arctic Cinco de Mayo journey takes you. And visit our recipe archive for more guac ideas that will help you celebrate Cinco anywhere. 

We’ve got plenty more blogs to show you just how to make the most of your Cinco, no matter where Cinco takes you.

By Avocados From Mexico April 10, 2019

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