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Fall Avocado and Chocolate Sweets

The second we start to see fun-sized candy bars and treats popping up in stores, it’s undeniable: Halloween season is upon us. Whatever candy your kids love to ask for, you can switch up the routine a bit this year with some heart-healthy avocado and chocolate recipes (Yes! It’s true) that will instantly satisfy all of your kids’ chocolate needs. This year, the gigantic bags of fun-sized chocolates will not win!

Avocados aren’t just tasty fruits, they’re stars of nutritious recipes. A single serving, 50 g which is about 1/3 of a medium-sized avocado, contains 5 g of monounsaturated fats and 1 g of polyunsaturated fats, also known as good fats. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans and the American Heart Association recommend eating a variety of nutritious foods from all food groups. Eating a variety of fruits and vegetables may help one control their weight, cholesterol and blood pressure. Avocados are a healthy nutrient-rich food that can help boost fruit intake.

Picking the Perfect Avocado

Before you run to the store to grab your avocados and chocolate, it’s helpful to know a few tips on dealing with avocados. Perfectly ripe avocados are the best for these heart healthy recipes, so check out this video for tips (you’re looking for an avo with dark green to black skin, with a bumpy texture, that yields to firm, gentle pressure but isn’t mushy). A lot of these recipes call for mashed avocado, which is super easy to make. First, you need to cut up your avo (check out this video for tips), then you mash the chunks of avocado in a large bowl with a fork or masher.

Recipes with Avocado and Chocolate

Peppermint patties are one popular fun-sized chocolate whose flavors are easy to recreate. These avocado brownie bites with mint frosting are the perfect mix of rich chocolate and refreshing mint.

If a more pure chocolate experience is what you are after, these dark chocolate avocado truffles are the perfect, rich chocolatey treat. For another punch of dark chocolate goodness, this dark chocolate mousse gets an extra creamy lift from your favorite green fruit. Pair it with some fresh berries or bananas for the perfect balance of sweet and tart.

If cupcakes are more your thing, you can replace the fats in your favorite buttercream with avo, for a heart healthy recipe for chocolate avocado frosting. Just pop 8 ounces of avocado flesh into a food processor with 1 pound of sifted powdered sugar and 1-½ teaspoons of lemon juice. Sift in ¼ cup of cocoa powder, then blend until smooth and creamy and use to decorate your favorite cake or cupcakes.

Make your own avocado and chocolate treats this Halloween season that are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

By Avocados From Mexico October 04, 2018

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